New Disney ‘Frozen’ Storybook Images Reveal Juicy Plot Details

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Alright, Frozen fans! Looks like images from a new Frozen storybook have popped up on tumblr, revealing a little bit more of the film’s plot. We learn about how Elsa got her powers, Anna and Elsa’s childhood, as well as Anna’s mysterious strand of platinum blonde hair.

Check out the photos below (before they get potentially get pulled). But beware, they contain plot spoilers!

[Spoilers below]

It appears this book is basically a simplified version of the film Frozen. We only got three pages from the book, which detail events during the story’s beginning, specifically when Anna and Elsa are kids and how Anna meets Hans. We also learn how Anna gets her white strand of hair: it turns out that big sister Elsa accidentally zapped Anna in the head with her icy powers. Very interesting.

To me, the most interesting part of these images is learning that after Elsa accidentally hurts Anna (“You are lucky it wasn’t her heart!”), that Anna and Elsa then grow up separated from each other from that point on. The castle then goes into lockdown, locking the gates to prevent the villagers and outsiders from discovering Elsa’s powers. This is why, come coronation day, the gates are opened up again and the kingdom of Arendelle finally receives visitors again. Cue: Hans.

Luckily, this doesn’t spoil the movie’s ending, but just whets our palette enough to really get us sucked in! It’s like it’s the teaser trailer we’ve always wanted!

Although these images are from different books than the ones we saw earlier, some of the images are the same such as Anna looking over her shoulder and the cover image of Anna, Elsa and Kristoff (the other version from the “Cool Coloring” book is the exact same image except Kristoff is removed).

The photos come from an upcoming hardcover storybook entitled Disney Frozen Movie Theater: Storybook & Movie Projector, which apparently is a picture book that comes with a mini movie projector and disks that project “20 movie images on the wall as they read.” Although this isn’t a new venture for the Disney Consumer Products, apparently there are lots of these from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Cars 2.

The Disney Frozen Movie Theater: Storybook & Movie Projector is available to purchase on October 1, 2013. Buy it on Amazon here.

Also, while we’re at it, looks like two other Frozen storybook covers are available on Amazon. A book called “A Sister Like Me” illustrated by the incredible Brittney Lee and another read-along book and CD that features “character voices and sound effects.”

disney-frozen-storybook-a-sister-like-me-anna-elsa  disney-frozen-storybook-read-along-cd

What do you think of the new image and Frozen plot info?

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  • Max

    Interesting… The whole young Anna and Elsa story looks really interesting, and that snowman they are making looks like Olaf 😛 Also the drawing with Hans looks very nice ( and romantic 🙂 and his horse looks like another great Disney horse. D23 please bring us a full length trailer.

  • Brianna

    eeeeeeeeeee!! Brittney Lee!!!

  • Gary Wright

    “Dear to whom it may concern…”

  • hoa

    OMG can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    There’s actually a French version of the Japanese trailer on YouTube.

  • hoa

    the horse is so cute 😀

  • JayEllCee12

    You know what I’d love to Disney to do? Release this “prologue” as a clip before the film is released. Usually the month before a film is released, Disney goes crazy promoting it with clips and screenshots and everything, so I think this could be a good way to sell the film: it sets up the story and premise, and to see what happens next, you’ve got to see the film.

    Now obviously, we don’t know how long this prologue bit will be (it could be longer than trailer-length), but for all we know, it could be akin to the prologues of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Tangled’ (or even ‘Brave’). If the prologue is silent, or told through song, it could probably work as an exclusive teaser trailer, as that’s what Disney used with ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Dinosaur’: just took the first 4, 5 minutes of the movie, put the film credits and release date on the end, and released it in cinemas as a trailer. Buuuuut we already got our first teaser trailer, and…well, you know what we got from it.

    On the other hand, releasing this much information could be a little too much; as you put in this article, this prologue could be considered to have spoilers in it and the first proper trailer they will release (eventually…any time now, Disney…really) will probably go the way of your general trailer for your general animated film, which is a little disappointing, coming from Disney 🙁 I personally would want a trailer like the first trailer for ‘The Princess and the Frog’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQBy6jqbmlU, which made the film look all magical and epic – even though they gave away the plot twist… ¬¬

    …Whoa, I’ve gone on way too long with this, I’m just too excited for this movie, okay 8(

  • Samantha

    First reaction: No no no please make Anna end up with Kristoff PLEASE!
    But after I looked at it this might actually be a really nice thing to add to the plot… two love interests instead of just one… kind of like making up for Merida’s not having a prince :P.

  • Brandon Kelly

    Nice to see new information about Frozen. Disney has gotten quiet again about Frozen and I want to see more sneak peaks!

  • Alissa Roy

    Hey guys! Random House has posted the first 21 pages of a junior novel online- it has a lot of the same info but a few new tidbits too 😉

  • Anna

    I’m very intrigued about this movie, to be honest. Not only because the newest disney princess has my name and similar heritage (every little girl’s dream :D) but because the trailer give you enough to want more, but not the whole story – which is a weird thing now – Can’t wait for thanksgiving! 😀

  • fa la la la la

    that’s so cool and i can’t wait to see the movie/musical and by the way if you look at the book the snow queen by hans christian anderson and the final script from on of the other posts you can see the similarities and differences in the the two just saying

  • elsa

    cool!!! put full stories and more stories

  • rainbowcool12349

    It is mostly anna mean because she took elsa glove and made the kingdom frozen then elsa sang let it go and then summer and then reprise first time in forever then anna heart got froz