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Thawing Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Secret: Is Hair The Clue?

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Well, it’s June and we Disney fans are still holding our breaths for our first (official) look at Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming feature, Frozen. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a teaser/trailer to play in front of Pixar’s Monsters University on June 21 (as has been speculated), but until then, all we can do is daydream about how awesome the movie will really be.


Fans are going wild discussing the potential story of the film. We know the basic plot: Older sister has ice powers, curses little sister and flees, little sister undertakes an epic journey of reconciliation across a frozen landscape with a potential hottie/love interest and a misfit snowman. Throw in a reindeer and an army of angry mountain trolls and you have the basic plot of Frozen.

Frozen-Anna-Kristoff-Close-Up-Concept Art

But what else could there be? There has to be something more to it, right?

So here’s my theory. Anna is (accidentally?) cursed by her sister Elsa, thus freezing her heart in the process (ouch). Right? So what happens to dear, sweet Anna now? Wait for it.

I say she becomes another Snow Queen, like Elsa. (insert gasp here).

Think about it. Anna slowly becomes more and more like her sister, the curse begins taking over her own body, and she develops powers similar to Elsa’s. Want proof of my theory? Take a gander at the pictures below and see if you agree.

Look closely at Anna’s braid in the following pictures. If you squint hard enough, you’ll notice that Anna has a bright streak of platinum blonde/white hair right in the middle of her right braid!



Did you notice? What could this possibly mean? Does it mean that Anna’s hair will reflect her icy heart? Will Anna’s hair slowly turn white as the curse gets deeper? Does this mean that Anna’s hair will serve as a kind of “hourglass” (or “Enchanted Rose” if you will) that tells the audience how much time Anna and Kristoff have to break the curse? After all, this is a “race-against-time” kind of movie. It’s a wild theory, but definitely not improbable.

Or does Anna just like to do wacky stuff with her hair?

In 2010’s smash hit Tangled, Rapunzel’s hair was the scene-stealer. The fact that it glowed bright and turned brown when cut was a very fascinating story mechanic. I don’t see why Disney won’t try and make Frozen similar to Tangled, in that certain aspects like Anna and Elsa’s hair color reflects their “curse status” or whatever. Of course, for a film based on Rapunzel, hair plays an important part, but why should Disney port a similar mechanic over to Frozen?


What mysteries await us in Frozen?

So I turn it over to you. What do you think the white streak in Anna’s hair means? Could it really be connected to the Snow Queen’s curse in some way? Will all of Anna’s hair eventually turn white? Or will all of Elsa’s own hair turn honey blonde like her sister’s when her own curse is broken? Could be!

The plot thickens…I mean, freezes…

While you Animation Addicts ponder over these possible theories, take a listen at Young Anna, aka little Eva Bella as she sings Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. Aww.

Disney’s 53rd Animated Classic, Frozen hits theaters November 27, 2013.

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