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First Teaser Poster Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Shows Cartoony Dinosaur, Human & Bugs [UPDATE]

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In September we got the news Pixar’s upcoming animated feature The Good Dinosaur got delayed from a May 30, 2014 release to November 2015. Today the website J Posters released the beautiful first teaser poster for this movie.


This new poster shows the two main characters of The Good Dinosaur: Arlo (the dinosaur) and Spot (the human child). Other than greenery, the other things of note on the poster are bugs. Maybe that’s not too interesting, but I found a while ago the contents of ‘The Art of The Good Dinosaur’ book online and one of the chapters was called ‘Bugs’. So are they here for a special reason or just to fill the poster?

The poster looks really good and I love the character designs, but also the bright colors that were used in this poster. If the poster is any indication, the movie will hopefully be as colorful as this poster.

After seeing this poster, I’m sort of happy the movie got delayed, Why? Well this looks really, really good! And I want this movie to be as good as it looks, so I prefer waiting a year and have a great story, great characters and beautiful animation instead of a weak story with great characters in 2014.

Also noteworthy, this poster is released nearly two years before the movie is scheduled to be released. Normally most studios put out teaser posters about a year before a film’s release, but two years is quite unusual. Disney’s animated films nowadays don’t get teaser posters until about six months before the release date. The timing of this poster (and the outlet which revealed it) seem very odd to me. It makes me wonder if Pixar did this as sort of a consolation gesture to apologize for the film’s delay.

The Good Dinosaur will release November 25, 2015

What do you think of this new poster?

[UPDATE 9:00 AM PST] The fact that this was released on a strange foreign movie poster website (much like the Frozen poster leaks earlier this year) seemed fishy to me.

According to Big Screen Animation, turns out that this poster was just a mockup by Pixar and was not supposed to be released. As one of his readers pointed out, the grass in the left corner seems to be exactly the same as the in the Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 2 one sheet. As Mike from Big Screen Animation said, “Stock CG elements, perhaps?”

Also, yesterday on Twitter, Daniela Strijleva–a character designer at Pixar–said that she wasn’t sure where that poster came from and that it “looks like an unfinished, unofficial piece of work that’s not supposed to be out there. Not Pixar endorsed.” Her tweet has since been deleted since she probably wasn’t supposed to comment on the matter since she’s not an official Pixar spokesperson.

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