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[UPDATE] First (Un)official CGI Posters of Elsa & Anna from Disney’s FROZEN!

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[UPDATE] According to a Disney spokesperson, the posters are indeed fake:

They didn’t come from us, so I just know that they aren’t official. Everyone will definitely know when we send something that is.

However, the dissenters about Elsa’s character design will be disappointed. We’ve had access to some concept art and Elsa’s design in the fake posters matches her design, clothes, hair, coloring exactly. So while the posters are fake, the designs (whether those are the official, final rendered designs) are not. We’re not sure if the design has changed at all since when we got the photos, but rest assured, that was (or still is) Elsa’s design within the last few months.

It seem interesting that Disney would make everyone pull the fake images, rather than issue a statement about their validity. Either way, Disney clearly doesn’t want the fake images out there to confuse the public before their final unveiling.

My advice to Disney: better get a move on it and release the real ones ASAP.


Alright Disney animation fans: it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Disney has finally released the  final character designs of Anna and Elsa from its upcoming animated release Frozen.

We did get some concept art in December of Anna and Kristoff, but it wasn’t the fully rendered CGI models. However, these posters include big pictures of the two sisters, Anna, and her sister–the snow queen–Elsa. Anna (who looks suspiciously like a honey-blonde Rapunzel) is bright, warm, and cheery, wearing bold shade of blue and fuchsia. Elsa, on the other hand, is elegantly dressed in cool tones, with blues and aquas being her main shades of choice. The sisters are both young and clearly related, but their designs most likely portray their personalities. For more discussion on the characters (and some still unreleased), check out our YouTube video where we discuss some leaked concept art.

We also got the first teaser poster for Frozen. And it’s definitely stands up to its name: it’s frozen and icy-looking.

It’s exciting that Disney has finally given us more regarding these characters. At Destination D, we saw only the 2D concept art, so we were unsure what the final designs would look like or how they would convert. I must admit, I still like the concepts better. The beauty of the concept designs didn’t quite transfer to CGI perfectly. Either way, these posters make me excited to see this movie (at least the first trailer).

What are your thoughts of the final designs? Sound off in the comments below!





via Cine1 and Bleeding Cool

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