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Henry Jackman (Kind Of) Confirms ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Sequel

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The composer of Disney Animation’s Wreck-It Ralph and the studio’s upcoming Big Hero 6 has stated that we soon 52. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)may be seeing Ralph and the gang back in an all new movie sequel! In a recent interview for his work on the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Jackman has hinted that Disney is indeed in early stages of production for Wreck-It Ralph 2.

When asked if he’s heard about a potential sequel, Jackman says:

I did, to be honest with you. I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards.  I don’t know any more other than a story is indeed being written.  I’d be very surprised not to.  I’m not blowing my own trumpet.  Forget about the music.  Just the movie itself I thought was a fantastically imaginative and creative piece of work.  Rich [Moore], the director, actually got involved in the writing.  There was another writer (Phil Johnston) and I can’t remember his name.  Just as a concept, it would be almost remiss of them not to write another one.  It’s a great idea and it’s a great character.

On working on sequels and franchises, Jackman goes on to say:

I haven’t yet done a sequel.  I think Wreck-It Ralph 2 might be the first one.  Okay.  So I know my colors.  There’ll be new characters and everything.  I have as yet not had the experience of returning to a palette and some themes that are established and I know.  Every single film that I’ve done has been like, “Okay, so let’s start again.”


Released in 2012, Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph tells the story of a video game bad guy who tried to proves he’s rally a good guy by hopping games in the arcade. The movie was released to critical acclaim and commercial success, and was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar. It was directed by Rich Moore, written by Jennifer Lee and Phil Johnson, with music by Henry Jackman.

Director Rich Moore had earlier mentioned plans for a sequel, stating that he would love to explore the world of console and online gaming. He also mentioned plans to include video game icons Mario and Tron for the sequel.

Interview Courtesy: Collider

What do you guys think? Do you want to see a Wreck-It Ralph sequel?

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  • Yay!

  • Yes! I don’t want a Frozen sequel but Wreck-It Ralph 2 needs to happen!

  • Sebastian

    It’s happening yes yes way to go WIR2 finally new news about the sequel. Still I wonder if Mario will appear in it at least Sora can make another cameo

  • Sasha

    I’m kind of skeptical about a sequel. Wreck-it-Ralph is an incredible film as is and didn’t really leave room for a potential sequel. And as much as I love this film and Disney, I have to admit that their sequels tend to be unnecessary and not nearly as good as their predecessors. If that’s the case with this movie, I’m really concerned the sequel will just be some straight-to-video disaster. I could be pleasantly surprised, though. Who knows? I think more information would help sway my opinion.

    • I came here to say pretty much the same thing. Everything was resolved by the end of the film, and I can’t see how they can make another with those characters, without some contrived reason to justify a new story (which is exactly where most sequels fall flat, I reckon)… though I could see something set in that world but with a different set of characters working. When it comes down to it, though, my opinion about a WIR2 is pretty much the same as Frozen 2 — it would be nice to have a good sequel, but it would be even better to have an original film of the same quality.

      • tt

        I completely agree! no sequels, but SPINOFFS! imagine what u can do with spinoffs! DisneyToon can handle this, as their only movies now r spinoffs of different franchises and theyre not that bad. if WIR spinoffs r done right, DisneyToon can 1. gain a higher status in the animation world, 2. famous, and 3. give us more higher quality spinoff films. win-win.
        imagine the possibilities: I spotted kingdom hearts in the film, so perhaps a kingdom hearts film that takes place in video game world? pac-man or sonic film? all interacting in the video game world? that sounds amazing already!

  • Not Without

    Snooze.. well at least Giants and Moana are in the works..

  • Fadi Antwan
  • Anne

    I thought a cool idea for the sequel would be to have a kid bring his DS/PSP to the arcade and plug it in; then the arcade characters could interact with video game ones.

  • Ariel

    I think a sequel for Wreck-it Ralph makes more sense then a sequel to Frozen. Don’t get me wrong, I love both movies, but Wreck-it Ralph has a world that you can expand on, kind of like Toy Story. Frozen kind of has that “And they all lived Happily Ever After” kind of ending. These are just my thoughts, however. I don’t mind if they decide they don’t want to do a sequel to Wreck-it Ralph, but I really like the idea and hope to see it happen. 🙂

    • Sparkle

      I don’t know. Frozen had some things that were unexplained (Still awesome movie though). But a Wreck-It Ralph sequel could totally work!

  • tt

    I don’t want one D: I love wir2…….
    the problem with most of the recent Disney movies is that they don’t open up to sequels, and that’s a great thing. however, some open up to spinoffs, short films, or even tv series. Tangled opens up for several short films. Winnie the Pooh already has its own franchise. Wreck It Ralph opens up to a lot more spinoff films than u can imagine. and Frozen opens up to short films of Olaf and others.
    So to me, the best way for WIR is spinoffs. lots of them. Since DisneyToon stops doing sequels and instead do spinoffs, this can be a major player. Cars and Peter Pan spinoffs DisneyToon made r all successful, and theyre not as bad as the sequels since Lasseter took charge. So Im hoping for as much WIR spinoffs as TinkerBell. imagine, more than 5 movies of video games, each about different worlds. That’s better than messing up our fav character, right?

  • Dan Siciliano

    I would prefer Wreck-It Ralph 2 over Frozen 2. I want more Vanellope von Schweetz PLEASE!!!

    • michelmoutinhofr1 .

      I agree. Frozen 2 could ruin the image of the studio. It’s so obvious they want to milk that cow hard!!! If Walt were alive he’d never allow that!!

      • tt

        if walt was alive Disney wouldn’t have stumbled into 2 dark ages throughout the year. and all his films would be mainly original and imaginative films that take their audience seriously. I really want another cinematic experience thats equally as powerful as bambis mothers death, and other golden age films.

  • Haley TheRadiant

    I am so up for a sequel! I love Wreck it Ralph!

  • Max den Hartog

    I don’t know about this… I love WIR a lot! And I don’t think a sequel is necessary since the movie ended so well, but if I have to choose between WIR 2 or Frozen 2, I’d defnietly choose WIR, the world of WIR has a lot of new worlds and characters to explore and I’d love to see that if they can make a good story that is as good as the first one.

  • Brandon Kelly

    It’s amazing how both Wreck It Ralph and Frozen have been in conversations about having sequels. I wonder if Tangled had the same situation? I find this interesting because despite Winnie the Pooh, Fantasia and The Rescuers receiving sequels, the studio is not known to do that (Plus those sequels don’t get a lot of attention).

    • I also feel that releasing sequels to their recent hits would kind of mess up the Disney canon. It has so many originals and maybe just 3 (?) sequels. As much as I’d love to see a Wreck It Ralph 2, I think Disney Animation should keep doing original movies.

      • Brandon Kelly

        I agree. This studio does better by keeping up with the originals. It’s not like Pixar where they can sort of get away with it. I say sort of because while the Toy Story trilogy is strong and The Incredibles 2 has been requested for years; Cars 2 was a disappointment and Monsters University was considered just ‘ok.’ We’ll see about Finding Dory and we all know that no one is breaking down doors with excitement about Cars 3. Besides, since Disney is known for fairy tales, a Jack in the Beanstalk film is already in the works plus there are rumors about a Rumpelstiltskin adaption. Apply the same ‘Frozen’-like success with those movies. In terms of contemporaries like Wreck It Ralph, Big Hero 6 will kind of be in the same vein Wreck It Ralph. Both are films that deal with subjects for modern audiences (Video Games and Superheros). Frozen did better than Tangled so maybe Big Hero 6 will do better than Wreck It Ralph. I don’t know much about Zootopia but I did read that John Lasseter wanted to not only revive fairy tales, but also animal related films in the vein of Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King etc.

  • Chinoiserie

    Why you are posting this, the April fools was days ago! I mean this makes much more sense than a sequel to Frozen, but I really do not wish this happens. The story had a perfect ending, we do not need to see more. And I think Disney Animation is getting respect for focusing on originals, I do not think this would be a good move for them.

  • EllaCedar13

    I’m about as excited as

  • Lubna Ali

    can you guys do a review on the pirate fairy if you watch it

  • michelmoutinhofr1 .

    YES!!! I’m not usually excited about Disney sequels, but Vanellope is too good for only one movie. Toy Story is a good example that sequels can actually work as long as they have a great story to tell. Besides, Ralph says “to be continued” around the end of the movie!!! 😉

  • Alissa Roy

    This goes for Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and anyone else who even considers a sequel: I like sequels for seeing the expansion on characters, but for little else. I like original material, please don’t push it with these stories that I enjoy, but am perfectly content with in only one movie.

  • Anonymous

    Aw. I take it Jennifer Lee won’t return as screenwriter.