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‘Captain Marvel’ Blu-ray Review

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Captain Marvel is now available to own on Blu-ray and Digital HD! If you’re a Captain Marvel fan, then you’ll definitely want to get yourself a copy, but for the average superhero fan and casual fans of the MCU in general, let’s dive into everything this set has to offer, and see if it’s worth picking up a copy.

The Film

Captain Marvel is definitely not the biggest movie in the MCU this year, but if it had come out in a non-Endgame year, it would certainly be able to hold its own with most any other film in the series.

Personally I really enjoyed getting to know Carol, I was not very familiar with the character beyond her name, but I thought this film did a great job introducing us to Captain Marvel and all the supporting players in her story. I also loved getting more Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and even if he’s not a title character in this film, this story is almost as much his as it is Carol’s.

I also loved that they crafted this film in such a way as to keep her backstory as a mystery that needs to be solved over the course of the film. To me that made the film so much more engaging than just watching her origin story play out in the same way that the other heroes’ stories have unfolded.

I’ve always been a bigger fan of the DC heroes than the Marvel heroes, but the MCU has always done a far better job of telling their hero’s stories than the DC films have, and this one is no exception. Captain Marvel has everything I love in a superhero film, from humor, to aliens, to epic sci-fi action.

My favorite MCU films are always the ones that focus more on the sci-fi aspect of the universe, and Captain Marvel does exactly that. Carol Danvers may technically be a human, but the twists and turns that her story takes, make her story one of the most science-fiction heavy in the MCU, after the Guardians of the Galaxy films, and I loved that. I can’t wait to see what comes next for the character.

The Extras

If you’re already familiar with the movie, then this is the section you probably came here for. What kind of extras does the set have? Does it have deleted scenes? Bloopers? I mean, these are the questions I always ask! Let’s dive in and find out.

All the bonus features listed here are from digital copy, so every extra may not be included depending on which version you play. If you get the Blu-ray/Digital set though, you should get everything I’m talking about here.

  • Commentary: First and foremost is the commentary. These days commentary tracks seem to be getting rarer and rarer, so I was really pleased to see one included. I love going behind the scenes with the people making my favorite films, so this was a welcome addition to the set.
  • Finding Her Inner Strength: Really short featurette focusing on the character of Carol Danvers
  • Film Intro: Another very short featurette with a behind the scenes look at the film. This is played as an optional intro to the film.
  • Becoming a Super Hero: Featurette focusing on Brie Larson and what she brings to the character of Captain Marvel.
  • Big Hero Moment: A short look at the character of Captain Marvel and her importance in the MCU.
  • The Origin of Nick Fury: A short look at the character of Nick Fury, and how this film is just as important to his story as it is to Captain Marvel’s.
  • The Dream Team: A short featurette looking at the directors of the film, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.
  • The Skrulls and the Kree: A short featurette about just what the title says.
  • Hiss-sterical Cat-titude: A 90’s-esque mini-documentary/mockumentary about the casting process for everyone’s favorite Flerken, Goose.
  • Journey into Visual Effects with Victoria Alonso: A great featurette about the visual effects of not just Captain Marvel, but the MCU as whole leading up to Captain Marvel.
  • What Makes a Memory: Inside the “Mind Frack”: A behind-the-scenes look at the big mind reading and fight sequences on the Skrull ship.
  • Gag Reel: 2 minutes of bloopers and outtakes.
  • Deleted Scenes
    • “Who Do You Admire Above All Others?”: Yon-Rogg visit’s the Supreme Intelligence.
    • Starforce Recruits: Yon-Rogg and Vers teach a class of young Kree students.
    • Heading to Torfa: Starforce members banter on their way to Torfa
    • “What, No Smile?”: An alternate version of the motorcycle scene, with more painful consequences for the “Smile” guy.
    • Black Box: Keller tries to track down Carol and Nick.
    • Rookie Mistake: Coulson unwittingly helps a Skrull.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Captain Marvel fan, an MCU fan, or you just like cool sci-fi movies, I’d say check this set out. The movie itself is a lot of fun, and there’s something for everyone in the bonus features.

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