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Spanish Film ‘Capture the Flag’ Gets US Release Date

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Capture the Flag is a new CG animated movie from Spanish animation studio Lightbox Entertainment. Now, Paramount Pictures gives the movie a worldwide distribution and a US release date set for December 4, 2015.

The movie is about a young surfer, named Mike Goldwing, who gathers his friends together to stop a ruthless billionaire who wants to exploit the source ‘Helium 3,’ the clean energy of the future. NASA astronauts Alan Bean, who was the fourth man to walk on the moon with Apolo XII’s voyage in November 1969, and Miguel López-Alegría, who was the first Spanish astronaut to travel outer space, served as technical advisors for the movie.

Director Enrique Gato had previous success with Tad, The Lost Explorer, which won a Goya award (Spain’s main national annual film award) for Best Animated Film. A sequel, Tad Jones: The Hero Returns, is also in the works. Paramount will also give this movie a worldwide release in 2016.

Capture the Flag was made in three languages: Castilian Spanish, Catalan, and English, so from the trailer we can see the dub doesn’t look too out of sync and the animation is pretty impressive. But will the sci-fi, kid-friendly plot be enough to give this movie a decent box office taking? Take a look at the international trailer below and let us know what you think:

What do you think of the trailer to Capture the Flag? Would you like to see this movie?

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