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Episode 9: The Swan Princess – Singing Fest

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Morgan and Chelsea are flying solo in the studio as they discuss The Swan Princess. Hilarity and singing ensue.


  • News: Paperman movie poster and synopsis, John Musker and Ron Clements working on new hand-drawn animated Disney film
  • Pixar CinemaCon news: Dia de los Muertos film (2015), The Good Dinosaur (2014), The Untitled Pixar Film that Goes Inside the Mind (2015)
  • Main Discussion: The Swan Princess
  • Behind-the-scenes 90s commercial: “The most memorable, magical, musical adventure ever!” Really?
  • Director Spotlight: Who is the elusive Richard Rich?
  • Differences from the ballet Swan Lake and the movie
  • Box office flop, but home video success!
  • Kate Middleton had a princess movie marathon to prep for princess-dom
  • Odette: headstrong princess, was she really ever an “ugly duckling”?
  • Derek: Incredibly flawed (“What else is there?”) but endearing, one giant tooth
  • The Richard Rich villain theory
  • Re-release DVD cover: Derek has a Bieber haircut and got plastic surgery?
  • Rothbart: is tipping over a table all it really takes to take away his powers?
  • Are the side characters worthwhile? Is three too many?
  • Why is there an incessant need for princesses to have an animal to talk to?
  • Thumbs up for “Princesses on Parade” and “This is My Idea”, thumbs down for “No Fear”
  • Obscure songs: “Eternity” and “Swan Princess Rap” from The Swan Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain
  • “This is My Idea”: great scene for character development
  • This is the point where the podcast turns into a “singing fest”
  • Conundrums: the vow of everlasting love, summer vacation frequency, Rothbart’s castle, no love for missing Odette
  • Ripping off Sleeping Beauty or paying homage?
  • What do you rate it? ★★★★
  • Mail bag aka “fan mail” segment
  • Don’t forget about our sponsor!
  • Bonus: Morgan and Chelsea sing something special (listen with caution)

Runtime: 1:16:11, 36.6 MB

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