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Episode 8: Tangled – The Princess Pantheon

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Chelsea’s out of town so the Rotoscopers have a special guest host as they tango with TangledDisney’s 50th animated feature film!


  •  A wild guest host appears!
  •  Morgan attended an advance screening of The Pirates: Band of Misfits featuring director Peter Lord
  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Top Disney Princesses
  • Main discussion: Tangled
  • Original plot and voice actors (Kristen Chenoweth)Is it a princess movie that appeals to guys?
  • Name changes: Rapunzel (European title), Rapunzel UnbraidedRapunzel: A Tangled Tale
  • Mother Gothel’s singing voice
  • Favorite songs on the soundtrack
  • Is Tangled a watered down version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?
  • Standout characters: Maximus the horse, Captain of the Guard, Rapunzel’s parents
  • See the Light” lantern scene
  • “Digital painting” blending classical animation elements with CGI
  • Rapunzel’s hair: how much does her 70 feet of hair weigh?, changing length during the movie
  • Dislikes: Pascal, Rapunzel’s teeth, Eugene’s name
  • What other Disney villains have fallen to their death?
  • Conundrum: Did Mother Gothel fall to her death or die of old age? Or both?
  • First princess movie to get a PG rating. Does PG vs. G even matter anymore?
  • Unrealistic lighting in the Snuggly Duckling scene
  • Foreshadowing in Rapunzel’s baby mobile
  • Do you prefer Rapunzel with long or short hair?
  • Listener question: Is Tangled a Disney classic?
  • We rate it!

Runtime: 1:17:05, 37.0 MB


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