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Disney Animation Cancels ‘Gigantic’

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Despite Walt Disney Animation Studios being at the top of its game this decade, not everything in its lineup is smooth sailing. This is where its then-upcoming feature Gigantic comes in, which we are sad to report has been canceled.



Originally set for November 25, 2020, Gigantic was to be Disney’s musical take on the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The songs were to be done by Frozen songwriting duo Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez, while Inside Out co-writer Meg LeFauve and Tangled co-director Nathan Greno were assigned as directors.

Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios president Ed Catmull stated via The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s impossible to know when we begin a project how the creative process will unfold, and sometimes, no matter how much we love an idea or how much heart goes into it, we find that it just isn’t working. With Gigantic, we’ve come to that point, and although it’s a difficult decision, we are ending active development for now. We are focusing our energies on another project that has been in the works, which we’ll be sharing more about soon, now set for Thanksgiving 2020.”

Catmull’s statement confirms that another project will replace Gigantic‘s original release date. Although details on the feature are scarce, insiders have reported that it will be original. This release will follow the studio’s two upcoming sequels; Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 on November 21, 2018, and Frozen 2 on November 27, 2019.

Are you disappointed with the cancellation of Gigantic? Are you interested in the new replacement movie? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  • I was really looking forward to this one. Aw…

  • I can’t believe they canceled this film. It had a really promising premise and everything. At least they have a good reason for it, and as someone who wants to work at Disney Animation Studio someday, I suppose I should know that things like this happen in the production process of animation features.
    Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll find a way to make the story work and reignite the project which has happened a lot in Disney history. Personally, I hope that whatever film that replaces it is an original film and not a sequel. I feel like it’ll hurt Disney’s reputation if they go all sequel crazy like the other major animation studios. They are the studio that coined the term “you can’t top pigs with pigs.”

    • Manuel Orozco

      I know what you mean. Not to mention the Princess cameos are making me cautious about Wreck It Ralph 2. Frozen 2 if I’m excited for it depends on how the road to happily ever after continues for Anna Elsa and their friends.

  • Marielle

    I hope they replace it with another fairy tale. Tangled and Frozen were good.

    • Manuel Orozco

      Yes but Moana was even better although it was based on an original concept.

      • Marielle

        It was better for cultural representation, but not for story. But sure, I’d be interested in another original fairy tale.

        • Manuel Orozco

          So would i

  • Tim Tran

    They better not be replacing it with a sequel.

    • Jeremiah

      For me, it would depend on the sequel. If it were Tangled 2, for instance, all I’d have to say would be, “Whoop-py!”

      • Manuel Orozco

        I say we’re just fine with the series.

      • rikkibarnes

        If anything, the sequel in question will be Zootopia 2.

        • Manuel Orozco

          I rather just see a series on Disney XD for now

        • Jeremiah

          To which I would also say, “Whoop-py!”

      • No.

        No Tangled 2. Just. No.

        Better yet, no more sequels in general for Disney & Pixar.

        • Manuel Orozco

          I’m okay as long as they make sense story wise

  • Manuel Orozco

    Another shocking development at Disney! I was looking forward to the two directors as well as new songs by the Lopezes. If I’m excited for the mystery project depends on what it is.

  • Phoenix Wright

    Dang there must have been some serious problems with this one if they decided to cancel it. Its disappointing because the little that we’d seen so far looked pretty good. I hope that whatever replaces it ends up being good

  • Jeremiah

    That is so sad. People connected with just the idea of this. We saw that lovely image of a human running into a giant child and it seemed so lovely and exciting. But of course we don’t know how things are going behind the scenes. (Apparently, not at all well.) I hope they’re replacing it with something equally special.

  • Trev

    This is very dissapointing, especially considering that the only upcoming movies now are both sequels.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I’m looking forward to WIR 2 even more than Frozen but like I said the princesses cameos are making me a teeny bit cautious.

      • Trev

        I didn’t really care for Wreck It Ralph, so I’m kinda “meh” on the sequel (the princesses cameos is definitely worrisome) and I feel the same on Frozen 2.

        Granted, I’m sure both movies will be fine but they just aren’t as exciting. Not to mention that Disney don’t do sequels that often.

        • Manuel Orozco

          True maybe farther developments will get us all excited

  • Dante Panora

    It actually costs a studio ALOT money to have a project in development for so many years. The reason we keep hearing news about the akira remake for so many years is because so much money has been spent on pre-production that they can’t make it all seem like a waste of time and money to stockholders so it has to be made some time or another.

    We all know disney has the resources to let this project be shelved, but the fact that it got pushed back and shelved just a year before it was going to come out makes me wonder if the film was truly unsalvagable or if they thought it would expose the new disney formula.

    What I mean by that is, as we’ve seen in alot of these 2010’s disney films, they have a habit of taking familiar disney tropes from the past but mocking or deconstructing ones that everyone criticized or got tired of back the late 90’s/early 2000’s. This is perhaps most evident in their modern fairy tale movies Tangled and Frozen. I think the problem with gigantic is they realized that lampshading the old disney formula was becoming the new disney formula and they thought people might see it more clearly a third time around.

    If that’s the reason, they are smart for doing that but I don’t know where they’d go from there. Maybe they will experiment with sci-fi again like in the early 2000’s?

    • Marielle

      Interesting! How do you think Tangled was deconstructing the genre?

      • Dante Panora

        Maybe not so much deconstruction as much as reconstruction. The princess saves the dashing male hero, and in previous disney films if the Prince or male lead any character at all the film would be focused on them. With tangled its mostly told through rapunzels view.

        But it still ends with them falling in love, the villain defeated, and living happily ever after. Not all the 2010’s films are like this of course but I heard some people online disliking how much Moana tried to mock old disney tropes while still feeling like a familiar disney movie. Perhaps the lampooning was hiding less obvious but still integral aspects of the disney formula.

        • Manuel Orozco

          True of that but I believe Moana not having one moment of romance was deeply refreshing.

  • Frank Coufal

    Just can’t believe it. As if DreamWorks cancelling Larrikins wasn’t enough, now another movie I was looking forward to has been axed. Well, I hope the replacement, an original, turns out good.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I hope the replacement turns out good too. My best guess is whatever Bryon Howard is developing with Lin Manual Miranda.

  • Chelsea Warner


  • Rachel Wagner

    I’m depressed. That’s all

  • Super distraught!

  • Dimitris Koliniatis

    Zootopia 2?? 😏😏😍

    • Manuel Orozco

      Probably will be a while for that to happen

  • Braden

    I’m sad that this film has been axed but at the same time I feel like it may be for the better; it seemed to me that Gigantic was just going to fallow the same formula shown in Frozen and Tangled and although it would be a different world and a different setting it just seemed pretty uninspired to me. I hope this new project is a musical, and I hope they announce it soon! In retrospect I kind of expected this project to be shelved since it was pushed back three times.

  • Míriam

    WHAAAT??!??! These are the saddest news ever, I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to a movie than Gigantic… 🙁 My heart was crushed into a million pieces…

  • It’s a shame the film is getting shelved but I would rather they have a clear idea with a story than one with conflicting ideas. I’m sure Disney will find a good narrative for this type of film eventually.

  • This is a shock. I honestly wasn’t super exited for this, but still, it’s a surprise.

  • ValkarieandherInventorChief

    Meanwhile I am screaming in joy at this: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/074cc3893ff10e7e3f9a6a15937e79f9198f3108cfc4a4a439bcaaaac0ddfba.jpg
    Sorry to see Giagantic go. Hope it was for a legitimate reason and we will get a new original movie, I am excited about Frozen two but at this point it seems Disney is turning to Dreamworks strategy of 2,3,4 of the most valuable property. I mean I’m really elated that HTTYD3 is coming out, but I don’t want a fourth as trilogys are better than continuing on til the steam and freshness is gone.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I bet DreamWorks will stop Hiccup and Toothless’s story at 3 then go into spin off or prequel territory to keep the HTTYD franchise alive. At this point, I’m more excited for HTTYD 3 than Frozen 2 despite both original installments are on par with each other.

  • Hoping this is one of those times when a movie gets shelved, only to return a decade later and becomes a new classic. (Like what happened with Frozen). I just hope this isn’t for good. That said, I’m sure they won’t disappoint with the replacement movie in 2020!

  • Yellow

    This reminds me of another supposedly shelved Disney movie, King of the Elves. I don’t know for certain if it was real, but there was a lot of concept art tied to it. And on the Disney Wiki, there was a rumored “teen space-race film.” Wonder if either of these will be the 2020 movie.

  • Amber Dvorak

    I just hope there was a good reason for cancelling this, or that it’s brought back again at a later date once it’s had a chance to be revamped (a la Frozen). This sounded more promising than any of the live-action remakes Disney has planned at the moment.

  • Harith Sami

    As much as I liked Moana, but the story was very generic because they rushed the movie so Disney will have a princes movie before 2017. This also explain the whole section where Moana and Maui are on a sailboat for 20 minutes.
    In concept, Gigantic seems like Tangled if young Rapunzel was a giant.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I agree with the Tangled comparison. Especially with Bryon Howard was on board as co director.

  • Was seriously looking forward to seeing this one too!! Such a shame…. :/

  • Anonymous

    In the article, it says at one point insiders have reported that Disney’s replacement movie will be original. I’m not sure if I can believe that just yet. Something tells me a sequel to Zootopia might happen. Now I could be wrong about that, although I do believe we’re going to get one in the future. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

    By the way, why don’t Illumination cancel the sequels to “Minions” and “The Secret Life of Pets”? Nobody wants those.

    • Manuel Orozco

      I believe it will be an original and Zootopia 2 won’t happen until maybe 2022. While we are at it, I won’t mind seeing Secret Life of Pets 2.

  • Manuel Orozco

    Well the princess cameos are my only worry right now. But it would give a little nostalgia boost with the number of original voices returning.