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Disney Buys ‘Anastasia’ Rights, Announces Live-Action Remake

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Anastasia Final

Animation fans throughout the world are breathing sighs of relief: Disney has officially bought the rights to Fox’s Anastasiawhich means she’s a real Disney princess now. There will be no more confusion! On top of that, Disney is continuing the trend of doing live-action remakes of animated movies and has added Anastasia to their 2019 line up. Cinderella’s huge box office success continues to influence Disney executives, who just announced a live-action Mulan not two days ago.

“Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights to the 1997 hit animated musical ‘Anastasia’ from 20th Century Fox. The movie, which featured an impressive cast including Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd, and Angela Lansbury, will now be a part of the Disney library. The Grand Duchess, and her loyal Pooka, will join Anna, Elsa, Tiana and more beloved characters in the ranks of the Disney Princesses.”

The official statement from Disney not only confirms Anastasia will join the Disney Princess line but is also really unclear about Pooka. Is he ALSO a Disney Prince now? The statement continues, announcing the very impressive and varied plans Disney has for their new property:

“We don’t take this lightly,” says Bob Iger, president of the Walt Disney Company, “We know people all around the world love ‘Anastasia’ and we’ll treat it with the same respect we’ve given Marvel, ‘Star Wars’, and Pixar. Fans will be excited to know we’re producing a live-action version of the story, set to be released in 2019, and a Broadway musical will also be brought to life.”

It’s unclear if this Broadway musical is a new, exclusive project from Disney or if it’s the same one that was announced a few years ago. What is clear is that the House of Mouse will be milking their new cow as much as possible. Hopefully, the live-action remake will be more Cinderella than Maleficent. 

More info about the acquisition, new film and release dates can be found here.

Are you excited? Do you think a live-action ‘Anastasia’ is a good idea? Who would you cast in the lead role? 

Edited by: Hannah Wilkes

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  • Blake Hyodo

    This is a cruel April Fool’s Day joke, right? For a second I thought this was real and I freaked out for various reasons…but then I saw that Pablo wrote this article, so…

    • PabloRuiz7

      Are you implying I’m not trustworthy when it comes to Anastasia and Disney? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

      • Michelle Loba Paredes


        • Evelyn lee

          This was my fave disney movie of all times. Literally! Why mess with people like that if you dont know for sure. You could have aeast said they might be, not they are!

          • Jenna Hendrix

            Anastasia can’t be your “fave disney movie of all times” because it isn’t a Disney movie.

          • taylor

            You’re right. Anastasia is not a disney princess BUT shes a better princess than all the Disney princesses combined and this story is one of the greatest. Favorite movie growing up and I’m 23 now and can still say that it is still considered one of my favorite movies.

      • Loki Laufeyson

        Your hat proves your trustworthiness.

  • Darn it guys, this is a bad bad baaaaaaaaad joke….

  • PabloRuiz7


  • Matthew Latham

    Now if someone else had written this article, I would believe it. But since it’s Pablo, NO!

  • LegallyRed

    The scare level this title has is so high, Baymax had to call “clear”.

  • I saw the title for this article and thought to myself, “Pablo, right? (checks author) Right.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

    (But, the way these Rotoscopers April Fool’s pranks have been going, this scares me cuz it may come true.)

  • Brandon Kelly

    Please tell me this is a April Fool’s joke?

  • Satria Rahmadi Djajasudarma

    OMG! This is like a dream, finally every animated films will be OWNED by Disney. And it gets even better, Disney has announced a multiverse film in the same vein as Marvel’s The Avengers. Starring Johnny Depp, Lily James, Angelina Jolie, Glenn Close, Elle Fanning, Ginnifer Goodwin, Chris Hemsworth, and more in their respective roles from the Disney animated remakes to join forces and battle against the evil Chernabog before all worlds are engulfed in eternal darkness! Coming Spring 2019 for a Limited Release!

    • Katie

      I think it is an April Fools joke…

      • Satria Rahmadi Djajasudarma

        I know that, just wanna get in the spirit of April 1st.

  • *in Jessie’s voice* That’s FUNNY Bullseye!

  • Another April Fool’s Joke?

  • Ok this totally feels like an April Fools prank, as much as I’d love to see this happen, it probably will never happen
    Funny prank though reading it!

  • Nathan C.

    I would say this is an April Fool’s Day joke, but then I remember happened with Cars 3…


  • JuanBauty

    April fools….

  • David Lee Fuhrmaneck

    Happy International Don’t Trust The Internet Day everybody!

    • Christina Veronica Larsson

      That’s almost every day, really.

  • Monica Rae Jennings

    Better be a April Foools Joke…is it?

  • Movie addict

    Aww I thought this real. This sux. This is really cruel mean joke

  • Baymax

    What the f**k!!! I…. dunno…….uh……… wait is this a joke? Don, why did you do this to me? Remember, you are a Disney Defector. Tell bob iger noooooooo! before it’s too late! If you make a remake, I want to see you make it. Not bob. I am going through a rush of emotions as a mega don bluth fan.

    • Baymax

      “If they don’t care, I don’t care, and I don’t care!

  • Aliscen Khaw

    Please tell me this isnt an april fools joke or my heart wil shatter from the false hope T^T. I have always loved Anastasia and belived that its cinematic angles are good transition for life action.but i do hope the disney buying up anastasia ting is fake. I rather some other studuo make anastasia life then disney

  • hellosanfransokyo

    All right, I KNEW this one was a joke.

  • Pissed off

    Screw you bastard!







  • Stephanie

    Thumbs down man!! Not nice!!

  • Cheonsa

    WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? WHY????????????

  • Annelise

    Nina Dobrev for Anastasia

  • arupi

    oh thank goodness…it’s just an april fool’s joke

  • Aaron

    Why is everyone wanting this to be a joke? I’m upset that it is. I think that it would be a great idea and it should be done. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t bought the rights yet and they should in the future.

    • Guest

      Because Disney BUTCHERS the legends and stories their pieces are derived from.

  • I Googled “Disney buys Anastasia”, and the only recent article that came up was this one. There were rumors back in 2009 and 2013, but the answer was no. The thing that makes this so realistic, though, is that Disney has bought up a lot of other properties. They bought Marvel, they bought Pixar, and they bought Lucasfilm (Star Wars and Indiana Jones). Who knows? They may buy it for real someday. Just not today.

  • Jackson Staninger

    Does this mean the film will be Vaulted eventually (then again it’s success is on par with Mulan, which is not in there…….)

    I can’t believe it, It’s like I’m witnessing the birth of a unicorn!

  • Natosha

    So this is so F’ING stupid! Seriously it is several days after April Fools and this is still floating around. This is a horrible joke! I hope you can’t sleep at night!

    • Avery Leach

      The article was posted on April 1st and really if you can’t take a simply prank go buy the rights to Anastasia yourself and give it to Disney so you can stop ruining something fun.

  • I know this is an April Fool’s article, but it doesn’t quite make sense even as a joke considering Anastasia (1997) is an adaptation of a tale itself. Unless Disney were remaking the Fox animated film shot for shot in live-action, they wouldn’t need the rights to that film.

    So it would be more along the lines of; Disney are doing their own rendition (of the same story that Fox’s Anastasia was based upon). 😉

  • MadAtYou

    Not cool dude. Not. Cool.

  • F*CK YOU


  • Penny-chan Phoenix

    no its not… but they could do another movie :/


  • Desrae Aeschlimann

    Wait… It’s all a lie? TT^TT

  • Grazelda Greenwitch

    Can Keith Richards PLEASE play Rasputin!

  • Jordan Wilson

    in some ways i hope this isn’t a joke because I love disney and Anastasia is my favourite movie ever! God knows how much i’d love to play Anastasia if this is an april fools joke i’m going to be upset 🙁

  • Jannet

    You just destroyed everything! How can you be so cruel? Kids like me grew up watching this film and once they watched that got happy and freaked out and then you broke their hearts! Thanks for destroying everything you asshole! Maybe next time you should break a baby’s game im sure that would make cruel people like you laugh!

  • For those who need confirmation that this is a hoax, see the last line of the article with a hyperlink that says “More info can be the acquisition, new film and release dates can be found here”? That hyperlink is an image of a Simpson’s characters pointing and saying ‘haha’ and below it is the words ‘April fools’. Though the statement ‘release dates here” in itself is a tip off since Disney NEVER knows their release dates when they first announce a new film.

    Apparently a lot of people were tipped off by who the author of the article is, I for one have not heard of him but still came here forewarned by the forum thread I found the link in.
    I love Anastasia and it’s for this reason that I can’t say I really feel letdown. I’m not sure I trust Disney with it and must they own everything?

  • Emily Shore

    You me Dmitri not Pooka

  • Isaura Dominguez

    Otra historia que Disney planea arruinar próximamente, es sorprendente la falta de talento y creatividad de esta compañía últimamente y como no pueden manejar que otros hagan cosas mejores y les sobra el dinero lo mas fácil es comprarlos.

  • Enrique

    Katy Perry would do great I can picture her singing the songs

  • rachel

    continue the disney princesses lets see their kids please?
    only one who had children after marriage was
    come on now NO MORE LIVE ACTION continue after the princesses were married lets see their kids and continue what disney was in the beginning

  • Tony Yotes

    Way too believable these days.

  • KimjHarvey

    I loved Maleficent.

  • nicole

    Emilia Clarke and Sebastian Stan for Anya and Dmitri!

  • nic

    Just read the comments -_- not cool

  • Khalid Aun

    Wait so this isn’t real?! I actually believed it awww!

  • Bill

    Amy Adams for Anastasia.

  • Max

    Can you just delete this already? Or post a follow-up explaining that it was a hoax? Even now a year later, there are way too many people talking about how “Omg Disney bought the rights to Anastasia!” PS: Why are people so obsessed with Anastasia becoming a Disney princess in the first place? A live action movie would be fantastic but who cares that she’s not Disney?

  • concernedandhurt

    I hope you had good intensions for posting these lies. Not only have your hurt many people by your false hood, you gave hope to little girls everywhere that their idol was coming to real life. you could be honest and say you wish this would happen or it should happen instead I have to tell my autistic daughter this isn’t a reality because people like you lie. thnakyou for ruining my poor daughters hopes. I hope it makes you feel better to be dishonest rather than truthful about what you wish would happen instead of saying its a sure thing. think before you speak, that applies on the internet too.

  • David

    Anastasia is NOT a princess. That is inaccurate information. She’s from Russia; they never had princesses. Not even the REAL Anastasia was a princess.

  • Isobella Yze

    I was so happy. Anastasia is my favourite princess, even if she is not Disney. Why get my hopes up. That is just mean.

  • jj

    Two years later, and people still believe this is real. The only true thing in this is the mention of a Broadway musical (which comes to Broadway in April, though it is different from the movie).

    • Marielle

      6 months later and it is real.

  • There is NO way The Mouse would buy rights to Anastasia especially after how bad that film’s director shat all over the company in the 80s (a disgruntled Disney animator named Don Bluth hit them back with The Secret Of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time). Besides, they’ll be getting distribution rights to five Star Wars movies in twenty years from now.

    • skullangel

      Once Upon a December…
      Disney Bought FOX…
      Sorry Felix…
      Anastasia is now the property of DIsney.

  • Pablo the Prognostication Prodigy!

  • skullangel

    It’s Disney 2017…
    Disney bought FOX
    Now this could be real.