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Disney Buys ‘Anastasia’ Rights, Announces Live-Action Remake

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Anastasia Final

Animation fans throughout the world are breathing sighs of relief: Disney has officially bought the rights to Fox’s Anastasiawhich means she’s a real Disney princess now. There will be no more confusion! On top of that, Disney is continuing the trend of doing live-action remakes of animated movies and has added Anastasia to their 2019 line up. Cinderella’s huge box office success continues to influence Disney executives, who just announced a live-action Mulan not two days ago.

“Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights to the 1997 hit animated musical ‘Anastasia’ from 20th Century Fox. The movie, which featured an impressive cast including Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Christopher Lloyd, and Angela Lansbury, will now be a part of the Disney library. The Grand Duchess, and her loyal Pooka, will join Anna, Elsa, Tiana and more beloved characters in the ranks of the Disney Princesses.”

The official statement from Disney not only confirms Anastasia will join the Disney Princess line but is also really unclear about Pooka. Is he ALSO a Disney Prince now? The statement continues, announcing the very impressive and varied plans Disney has for their new property:

“We don’t take this lightly,” says Bob Iger, president of the Walt Disney Company, “We know people all around the world love ‘Anastasia’ and we’ll treat it with the same respect we’ve given Marvel, ‘Star Wars’, and Pixar. Fans will be excited to know we’re producing a live-action version of the story, set to be released in 2019, and a Broadway musical will also be brought to life.”

It’s unclear if this Broadway musical is a new, exclusive project from Disney or if it’s the same one that was announced a few years ago. What is clear is that the House of Mouse will be milking their new cow as much as possible. Hopefully, the live-action remake will be more Cinderella than Maleficent. 

More info about the acquisition, new film and release dates can be found here.

Are you excited? Do you think a live-action ‘Anastasia’ is a good idea? Who would you cast in the lead role? 

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