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‘Frozen’ Still #2 in 5th Weekend, On Pace to Beat ‘The Lion King’ Domestically

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Frozen has had quite a box office run and it looks like it’s not quite over yet. This past weekend, Frozen earned an estimated $28.8 million, putting it at the number two spot behind The Hobbit. This puts the film’s domestic total at $248.4 million, pacing it to beat out The Lion King‘s domestic record of $311.5 million.

If you think these numbers are no big deal, let’s put it in context. This is the film’s 5th weekend out in theatres and Frozen has to battle it out through two very competitive slots: Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has come out of both of those weekends  victorious, ranking in the top three each week. Also according to Box Office MojoFrozen’s performance  this week was the third highest-earning 5th weekend of all time, behind only Avatar and Titanic, ($30M), which each earned $42.8 and 30 million, respectively.

This weekend’s box office performance is a bump up from the third place finish Frozen had last weekend, where it earned $19.8 million. That weekend allowed Frozen‘s domestic gross to move it ahead of both Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled, which each ultimately earned 191.6 and 200.8 million, respectively.

Looks like Disney’s marketing claims that this is the “greatest Disney animated event” since The Lion King may not have been that far fetched. For decades, The Lion King‘s records have been the mac daddy of Disney animation


Frozen now ranks 13th and 31st for highest-grossing animated films domestically and internationally, respectively. Frozen has earned $491.9 million internationally. Despicable Me 2, which was released this summer, currently holds the 5th place spot for both domestic and international grosses. It is likely that when Frozen finishes its theatrical run, that it will beat Despicable Me 2 and end up somewhere in the top 5 on both charts.

In other animation box office news, Walking with Dinosaurs hasn’t completely trailed away yet. The dinosaur CGI film fell to 12th place, earning $12.3 million. While its rank dropped from 8th place from its opening weekend, it’s gross increased slightly from $7.3 million. It’s no doubt that these results are a disappointment for the studio, but releasing a film around Christmas is always ultra-competitive and risky business.

Do you think ‘Frozen’ will beat ‘The Lion King”s record? What is your guess for how much the film will make domestically?

via Box Office Mojo and Cartoon Brew

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  • I definitely don’t think that “Frozen” will beat “The Lion King” in terms of a worldwide gross. In terms of a domestic gross, I also think it’s unlikely to beat “The Lion King”. I feel it’ll get quite close, but not surpass “The Lion King”.

  • Brianna

    Wooooo Frozen!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Kelly

    I think Frozen will make over $600,000,000 which beats Tangled and Wreck It Ralph’s records. However, maybe next year’s Big Hero 6 might break Lion King’s records, you never know.

  • voicetek20

    You also have to keep in mind that the Lion King was released almost 20 years ago and ticket prices were a lot lower. Also, “Frozen” is available to view in 3D which has an up-charge on the ticket price. It’s really hard to say what movie beat the other when based on dollar amounts alone. You really need to base it on how many tickets were sold. So, do you think “Frozen” will sell more tickets than “The Lion King” did?

    • TT

      if u look at other articles regarding this subject, they inflate the money back and measure them together. the results r the same.

    • Frozen Fan

      Yes I do

    • alexander

      You’ve gotta keep in mind there was not real form of only piracy back then, which has been leeching ticket sales. Even with inflation, the film industry is barely keeping pace and growing just slight amounts. Back in the 1990’s when the Lion King was released, every animation event was HUGE. Now, theres quite a lot of releases. Its hard to compare movies from different times era’s, even if they’re just 20 years apart. Based on actual values though, Frozen is nothing short of phenomenal.

  • Quigley Quagmire

    I think Frozen is guaranteed to reach $330 million in North America at this point (if not more). That will certainly break the Walt Disney Animation Studios record of The Lion King ($312.9M) for the largest initial run (if you add The Lion King’s 3D re-release grosses that changes the ranking). Outside North America, it can definitely get to $450 million, if not higher. So $780 million is a guarantee. I predict a $350M North American total and a $580 million overseas total, so $930M worldwide. Interestingly enough, if Frozen earns more than $340M in North America, then it will have achieved the largest box-office gross during its initial run among original animated films (current record holder is Finding Nemo with $339.7M). Can it even give Despicable Me 2 a run for its money ($367.7M)? I think yes.

    • Robinson

      Woaw, nice estimates. For a month back, they’re just under Frozen’s gross now…this movie surpassed all my expectations 🙂

      • Quigley Quagmire

        Thank you. I really have revised my estimates since then. So North America’s total will get to $390M (surpassing Finding Nemo’s total gross – including 3-D re-release). I doubt it can reach to $400M but, after all, it’s Frozen we’re talking about, so you never know. Outside the US and Canada, I believe it can get to $600M.The country breakdown is Japan $50M, China $35M, Sweden $10M, South Korea $55M, rest of the world (except US and Canada) $460M. These add up to $610M. Plus $390M in the US and Canada gives us $1 billion.

        • Jack t

          $400 million domestic and $1.274 billion, wot! This is like having a time-machine.

  • Fadi Antwan

    I’m very happy for Frozen because, like a few said on Twitter, Disney has an incentive now to release more musicals.

    • אריה הזהב

      Big Hero 6 will not be a musical. But maybe they would take possession to add songs to Zootopia, but I’m pretty doubtful.

      Giants and Moana Both will be musical, for sure.

      • Fadi Antwan

        I was actually looking beyond these titles because it’s unlikely they would change their plans for them now. I think Moana is confirmed to be a musical, but no one know about Giants. I really hope it’s musical too. Either way, we can expect more musicals beyond 2018 due to the success of Frozen and also Tangled before it.

        • אריה הזהב

          Yes, but the Giants is a movie about a legend. All movies based on fairy tales Disney released until now were musical, (like – tangled and frozen, and The Princess and the Frog.)

          So I believe that Giants will be a musical

          • Fadi Antwan

            I pray you are right. It would be a shame if they waste that opportunity and not make it a musical.

          • Brandon Kelly

            I think Giants will be a musical after the success of Tangled and Frozen. Disney has Big Hero 6 and Zootopia in terms of non-musicals. I think it’s good that Disney did Wreck It Ralph and now they are working on Big Hero 6. It makes the studios diverse and versatile to do anything. The classic formula and the contemporary.

          • TT

            uh, nope. not every fairy tale Disney film. chicken little anyone?

  • אריה הזהב

    Frozen achieve my opinion more than $ 700M.

    There is a chance that “for the first time in forever” Disney Pixar bypass.


  • Haley TheRadiant

    I hope Frozen beats out Lion King, I love Lion King but times are changing and I hope Frozen also wins an Oscar and Golden Globe!

    • אריה הזהב

      Clear that frozen at Golden Globe win.

      Despicable Me 2 and the croods really not at his level

      About the Oscar, I believe FROZEN able to overcome the ‘The Wind Rises (which is the most dangerous opponent)

      • TT

        I love ghibli, but not as much as I love Disney! ghibli got its share with spirited away, now its disneys turn!
        btw, do u no dat ghibli started making great movies in the Disney dark age? O.O

    • Frozen Fan

      Same here!

  • Cuty456

    Well maybe frozen is more fantsier than the lion king.

  • V

    Yay, Frozen! I think it will beat Despicable Me 2 and be in the Top Three highest grossing films for the year 2013 after The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Iron Man 3.

    • Jack t

      How’s #1 worldwide? Haha!