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‘Cars 3’ Confirmed? A ‘Cars’ Prequel about Historic Route 99

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You know that Pixar sequel we’ve all been hoping for? The one with superheroes by Brad Bird? Well, the studio is giving us Cars 3 instead. Apparently, at least. Route 66 News interviewed Michael Wallis, author of the book “Route 66: The Mother Road” and voice of the Sheriff in Cars, and he confirmed that a second sequel to the merchandising behemoth is in production.

The offhanded comment is made around the 22-minute mark of the interview. In it, he mentions that the  movie would focus on historic Route 99, another significant US highway. (The original movie dealt with the legendary Route 66). It’s important to note neither Disney nor Pixar have confirmed this and we’ll keep you updated on any news regarding this sequel.

Now, typically voice actors are held to very strict non-disclosure agreements and aren’t allowed to talk about films until the studio gives the official go ahead. It seems odd that he would be the one to announce this. Could this have been an innocent mental slip? Or perhaps this film is actually a Cars short he’s working on and he erroneously called it a feature. It’s happened before; The Toy Story actors referred to the Toy Story Toons as Toy Story 4.

However, this statement does seem to align with a statement Disney CEO Bob Iger made earlier this year about future Pixar sequels:

“On the animation front, Pixar continues to create great value for our company too. We are very excited about Monsters University which opens next month. Pixar’s slate of films for the next five years includes fantastic original stories as well as some great sequels to their previous hits. And as we recently announced, we are in production on one of those sequelsFinding Dory, featuring Ellen DeGeneres once again as the voice of Dory, one of the most beloved characters from Finding Nemo which was one of the most popular and profitable movies to date.”

Iger specifically mentions sequels, plural. Finding Dory is announced, but currently, there aren’t any other publically known Pixar sequels in development. So, whether you like it or not, this could be even further suspicious evidence that Cars 3 is happening.

Obviously, there is the long-awaited and desired The Incredibles sequel that fans have been clamoring for years. But with Brad Bird being tied up with a few live action gigs, it would be a long ways out. Other potential properties include A Bug’s Life, Ratatouille, Up, Wall-E, and Brave, but the majority of those seem odd choices for sequels. Cars is an incredible popular franchise for Disney/Pixar, bringing in billions of dollars of revenue each year. It’s a no brainer that they want to keep it alive and thriving.

In case you want to see what the general public has to say about this, you can head over to our April Fool’s article, in which we claimed Cars 3 was happening. People who don’t notice the article is a joke keep commenting and boy, they’re not happy!


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Pablo Ruiz is a Colombian filmmaker. Movies like Toy Story, The Lion King and Aladdin made him fall in love with the art form and now he hopes to dedicate his life to telling stories, hopefully for Pixar (if they go back to doing original films). Some of his ambitions are making a movie as emotionally impacting as Toy Story 3, meeting JK Rowling, and petting a million dogs. Follow him on Twitter (@PabloRV7).
  • Blake Taylor

    I’m not opposed to a Cars 3. Cars 1 proved the characters can be likeable and I think if we go deeper, there is a lot that is still left unexplored. Cars 2 was not my favorite Pixar movie of course, but I liked it ok. I just think of how obsessed with Toy Story I was when I was little… I feel like I’d be the same way with Cars if I was a kid now, and I think that’s what a lot of adults are dismissing as unimportant.

  • Jashack

    I’ll go see anything Pixar releases. It will most likely be released during a “2 Pixar films year.” So if Cars 3 doesn’t cut it for someone they’ll have the other to look forward to.

  • Rose

    If it’s true, my ten-year old cousin will probably be beyond thrilled, but sadly, I wouldn’t share his enthusiasm. I like the first Cars film, but the second one, for me, was disappointing. I try not to criticize it too much since my cousin adores it, though. I try to think that if I can like the Disney Princesses and enjoy that, then there’s nothing wrong with little boys having their own equivalent of that, and really, if they enjoy it, then who am I to tell them not to?

  • RUMOR: Cars 3 is Teddy Newton’s secret project.

    • Gendry

      OK now this needs to stop. You don’t hire Derek friggin’ Connolly to write and promote Teddy friggin’ Newton to direct Cars friggin’ 3. You just don’t.

  • It’s not April Fools any more, guys. Stop it.

  • Fadi Antwan

    If Pixar actually makes this, I’ll commit suicide…

  • “Lucky” Q

    If anyone looks on John Lasseter’s Twitter account (Mater4Ever, I believe), it appeared as if he was saying (around August 2012 or so) that they started production on the film. He said it so swiftly I wasn’t sure how serious or not his tweet was. So if anyone wants to check that just to be sure, I’d love to hear. Anyhow, I’ll be excited if it’s true. I actually love both films, and thankfully, the mass audiences actually do pay to see the films at the box office besides buying the cool merchandise.

    Oh, and I hope John directs it.

    • Brittany

      That twitter account says “Parody Account” and the tweets seem suspiciously exaggerated too, I don’t think it’s really him. :/

      • “Lucky” Q

        I was wondering that for the longest time, but since a lot of stuff he said seemed to be coming true (D23 news, etc.), I thought I was over-thinking it. I forgot it said parody account, too, so it actually may not be him after all. Thanks for checking that out,

  • JayEllCee12

    Oh my God, you can predict the future.

  • killercharlie

    No spy gimmicks and less Mater are all that I ask from “Cars 3”.

  • anii654 (Jayden-G)

    Oh……. Please…….No. I had to turn off Cars 2 after halfway. It was that bad for me. I would be one thing if the franchise was deep, but it sadly isn’t. April Fools was 6 1/2 months ago.

  • I pray that it is a rumor.

  • Brianna

    *slow motion* nooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nathan C.

    Dusty’s reacts to Cars 3.

  • Aliscen Khaw

    please tell me this is another april fools joke again,PLEASE!!!==

  • no one

    I’m not crazy about Pixar doing Cars 3. But at least they’re returning to an actual car theme, with Route 99, instead of doing something like “Mater becomes a Ninja.”

  • Andy108

    In terms of the overall arch of Cars, I feel a 3rd film could be beneficial and allow for closure.