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Disney Shorts Debut with New Voice for Mickey Mouse

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Mickey-Mouse-No-Service-ShortMickey Mouse is back with new adventures, a new look, and, in a surprise, a new voice.

Mickey and the gang return to their short-film roots in the aptly titled Mickey Mouse, a new series from Walt Disney Television Animation premiering Friday, June 28, at 8:30 p.m. EST on Disney Channel. The 3.5-minute stories involve Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy in escapades in exotic locales. The cartoons are fast-paced and stylized to be indicative of the vintage 1930s shorts that gave these superstars their start.

A new short will debut each night this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, followed by a regular premiere timeslot of Fridays starting July 5. The cartoons will first air on Disney Channel and will then be available for viewing in Disney.com’s recently expanded (and impressive) Disney Video webpage library.

2 of the shorts are already online. The first, Croissant de Triomphe, debuted in March as a sneak preview. Another, No Service, went live yesterday. You may notice a small something—well, actually a big something—different. It’s Mickey’s voice. Check it out:

[iframe src=”http://video.disney.com/embed/4df889ed3d82b43c9c01a272″ width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=false]

While the initial assumption would be to think Bret Iwan, Mickey’s official voice, is imitating Walt’s early Mickey voice to match the throwback nature of the series, that’s not the case. According to Disney animator Aliki T. Grafft, in the new shorts Mickey’s got a brand-new voice actor, Chris Diamantopoulos from Arrested Development and The Office. A visit to Diamantopoulos’s own Twitter profile shows that he indeed has been excitedly tweeting about Mickey since March and even confirmed the news this week.

This comes as a huge surprise considering the effort Disney makes to preserve the continuity in its characters’ voices. For instance, Wayne Allwine voiced Mickey for nearly 30 years with no replacement. If Bret Iwan has only been Mickey’s voice since 2009, why is Disney already switching things up? Even more peculiar is that the rest of Mickey’s pals in these new cartoons retain their regular voice actors who have personified the characters for years: Russi Taylor as Minnie, Bill Farmer as Goofy, Tony Anselmo as Donald, and Tress MacNeille as Daisy.

Mickey is portrayed in the new series as the plucky adventure-seeker from his early days who lives a bit wilder than the calm, reserved Mickey seen in recent years, so perhaps the change in personality prompted the change in voice.

Whatever the reason, the voice shift to Diamantopoulos only seems to be for the Mickey Mouse shorts series. Bret Iwan is still considered to be the mouse’s official alter-ego. Iwan still voices Mickey in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and made an appearance as recent as last week at an official, Disney-sponsored fan event at Disneyland.

It’s important to note that Mickey Mouse is a completely separate project from Get a Horse!, the new black-and-white Mickey cartoon from Walt Disney Animation Studios that premiered early June at the Annecy Animation Festival.

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  • JunkyJones6

    Any updates on the Untitled Mickey Mouse feature length film? As of now, I believe it is TBA, but I have heard about it from many people. I am just curious. There are many other rumored film such as The Beast (a new take on Beauty and the Beast; I’m guessing it will be like the new Cinderella movie in the works), The King of the Elves, and even a remake of Flight of the Navigator.

    • Gary Wright

      I want a full length Mickey Mouse movie so bad! I hope we get it by the 60th Disney Animated Feature. (Psst: CGI Mickey might be happening!)

    • I would LOVE a full-length Mickey film! That would be absolutely fantastic and definitely welcomed. Although, I wonder how hesitant WDAS would be after the Winnie the Pooh movie flopped. 🙁

      • voicetek20

        But think of how well A Goofy Movie did and how it’s sort of become a cult classic. I think it all boils down to story and great characters, and obviously, character development. I’d love to see a classic Mickey Mouse full-length feature as good as A Goofy Movie was!

    • Swag

      oh I don’t know, maybe because his voice actor died 4 years ago?

    • Swag

      sorry wrong person.

  • voicetek20

    I didn’t really care for the new voice in this short cartoon. I wish they would’ve stuck with the Mickey voice they usually use. Especially if they use all the other characters’ original voice talent. Why switch up Mickey’s?

    • swag

      I don’t know? Maybe because HIS VOICE ACTOR DIED FOUR YEARS AGO.

      • JbGthis

        They’ve had a replacement since then, the article even states then. He’s been doing all sorts of voice work for Mickey since 2009, at the parks and on screen…. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…. yeah….

  • The short, ‘No Service’, was absolutely adorable! The animation style felt a lot like Paper Mario to me. Also, mean Goofy was hilarious. I feel bad for Donald–Mickey jeopardized his relationship with Daisy! Haha.

    I can’t wait to see more of these shorts. They are fantastic and fun!

  • Not Without

    I think the artwork, especially the bgs are beautiful. Mary Blair was so far ahead of her time. This was really terrific. My only complaint is the audio. The recording doesn’t sand like it’s mixed properly. The voices sound so disparate. Goofy sounds like he is in a different recording studio and the audio cuts are so abrupt to my ear. It doesn’t feel organic at all, it’s cold.

  • Dan Siciliano

    I saw it and boy was I disturbed by the audio. Chris D’s version of Mickey makes me feel that Mickey has been turned into a jerk. And Goofy was treated as if he didn’t know his friends before. Wow. To me guys…I think Mickey has jumped the shark with this.

    • Brian

      He hasn’t been turned into a jerk, he’s reflective of the scrappier Mickey from the original cartoons and the Floyd Gottfredson comics.