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Trailer for new ‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny’ Shorts Debuts

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A trailer for the next round of Star Wars Forces of Destiny shorts features new characters, new connections, and new adventures in a galaxy far, far away. Check it out below:

As seen in the trailer, Star Wars Rebels heroines Hera Syndulla and Ketsu Onyo are making their series debut in order to help fellow freedom fighter Sabine Wren. Speaking of Sabine, the bounty hunter encounters Rogue One star Jyn Erso in these new episodes. With this meeting, the name General Syndulla echoing over the Yavin 4 intercom in the spin-off film, and the Ghost crew meeting Saw Gerrera in the Disney show’s third season, the connections between Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels are growing stronger.

On the Clone Wars era side of things, audiences will see more of Ahsoka and Padme. Ahsoka’s journey to become a Jedi Knight, which fans saw a bit of in a previous episode when she received a silka bead for her Padawan braid, will apparently continue to be a focus of her shorts, as she is seen training with Yoda in the trailer.

Rey continues her fight to survive on Jakku and clashes with Unkar Plutt, and Leia is back with the ewoks she assisted in a previous episode. Han Solo, at both his younger and more mature ages, joins the princess and the scavenger in their adventures for the first time. Finn is also new to the shorts, debuting in Rey’s episodes.

Disney Channel will air half-hour specials of the miniseries, featuring eight new episodes, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on October 1 and October 29. The shorts will then be uploaded to the Disney YouTube channel.

Are you excited for the new Forces of Destiny shorts?

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