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D23 Expo 2017: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Sneak Peak

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.Attention Frozen fans! We got lots of exciting news On Olaf’s Frozen Adventure today at D23. If there was any worry this would be a cheap holiday short what they presented today will put those worries to rest. From the passion of the team behind it, to the songs, to the story, this promises to be a special film and a holiday favorite for years to come.

The panel featured directors Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers-Skelton, producer Roy Conli, head of story Brian Kesinger, and song writers Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson (sister of Kristen Anderson Lopez of Frozen fame).

Some of the things we learned about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure are:

  1. They were conscientious of the legacy of Frozen and “careful and reverent” with this next chapter and furthering the mythos of Arrandale.
  2. Kate and Elyssa were part of an audition process where they brought 5 songs when only asked for 1 song.
  3. All the original cast is coming back and the actors know their characters very well and give feedback on the script and directing.
  4. Idina Menzel recorded her songs a year ago and according to Kate and Elyssa “It was unbelievable. She came in with a quiet presence but when she sang it filled up the entire room”
  5. Jonathan Groff was in Pittsburgh filming a tv show and so they had to fly there to get his recordings for his NEW SONG!!  That’s right Kristoff sings!
  6. The theme of the short will be on traditions. Olaf, Anna and Elsa don’t have traditions and they start to feel lonely without them.
  7. All the design choices build on to the original and Frozen Fever iconography. In Frozen they used a flower symbol. In Frozen Fever it was a sunflower. In Olaf’s Frozen Adventure it is a yule bell and a julebukk or a yule goat
  8. Elsa’s new dress is made of velvet and has a cape with a large Christmas tree on it.
  9. Olaf sings a carol called ‘That Time of Year’ and it is an enchanting number. You will all love it!
  10. Elyssa and Kate love cats and have worked them into the short.
  11. Elyssa and Kate sang a duet for Anna and Elsa called When We’re Together which will of course be performed by the voice actors in the short. Evidently John Lasseter asked them to ‘write the next Silent Night’ and now every time he hears the song he tears up. It was a really good song.

So that’s all the news about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. I left going from positive to genuinely excited. This is going to be something special for all of us to enjoy for the holidays!

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