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Final ‘Cars 3’ Trailer Shows Off Surprisingly Emotional Film

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It’s no secret that Cars 2 wasn’t Pixar’s finest moment. Coming immediately off the heels of 2010’s masterpiece Toy Story 3, 2011’s Cars 2 threw a curve ball and admitted the impossible: even Pixar can’t have a perfect scorecard.

But if the upcoming Cars 3 has anything to say about the matter, soon we maybe (just maybe) won’t even remember the days of Mater gallivanting across Europe as a pseudo-secret agent. The third entry in the franchise, released June 16, has painted itself to the public as a return to form not just for the series, but for Pixar as a studio: gripping, intriguing, surprisingly gritty, and (thank you!) emotional.

The final trailer for Cars 3 just dropped. It so earnestly wants its audience to be involved in its story, to care for its narrative, to erase the wrongs of Mater and airplanes and everything that’s given its foundation a sour reputation. Take a look for yourself.


Along with the trailer comes a pair of new stills.



As a refresher, the film announced its voice cast last month.

Cars 3 hits theaters June 16, 2017, and is directed by Brian Fee.

What are your thoughts on the final trailer? Will you race to the theater to see Cars 3?

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