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Animation Addicts Podcast 143: ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ – Can We Get Helga Workout Videos, Please?

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Morgan and Chelsea submerge themselves in the language, style, and forgotten gems of this 2001 Disney film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


  • Main Discussion: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Basic details and the terrific trio.
  • What was ‘par for the course?’
  • “No songs. More explosions.” We were HIP!
  • They made up a language?
  • Poor boy’s in the boiler room. We love Michael J. Fox!
  • “I love Helga!” -Morgan
  • Walk-in fireplace aka #goals
  • The ensemble cast and who we love.
  • Where is the emotional weight?
  • Kita: The forgotten Disney princess.
  • “Don’t look into the light!” –A Bug’s Life
  • “P.T. Barnum was right.” Suckers!
  • So many unanswered questions!
  • “I always wanted to use that spell” -Professor McGonagall
  • There made sure to cover their bases with the cat.
  • Voicemail: Alex
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Morgan is a native of Arizona and is a desert rat who loves the heat--she doesn’t even turn on the AC in her car in the middle of the summer! She loves big eyeliner, Survivor, Lady Gaga, and, of course, animated films. She has her MBA in Marketing from ASU and now works as a Product Manager for a tech company. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.