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Animation Addict at the 42nd Annual Annie Awards

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For many viewers, the 42nd Annual Annie Awards began after 7 on Saturday evening in Royce Hall on the UCLA campus, but the real show started almost two hours before, when the red carpet rolled out – and the celebrities started arriving.


Armed with VIP tickets, a golden wristband, and a talented photographer, the Rotoscopers nabbed one of the many remaining still photography spots at the beginning of the red carpet. From this advantageous position, we greeted some of the best in the business, including the vocally talented Sam Kwasman, former voice of Donald Duck and most recently the voice of Little Quacker on The Tom and Jerry Show.

Sam Kwasman. Photo Credit: J. Patrick Forden

Sam Kwasman. Photo Credit: J. Patrick Forden

Soon after, arguably the most awaited celebrity of the evening arrived – Richard Sherman, a man who needs little introduction, if any. He, and his adorable and adoring wife, Elizabeth, greeted the red carpet with a smile and a plethora of witty anecdotes. The monumental music man of Disney was gracious as possible, willing to speak with even the most starstruck of fans (i.e. the writer of this article).

IMG_0744 (1280x1152)

Richard & Elizabeth Sherman. Photo Credit: J. Patrick Forden

The mingling crowd of industry professionals at the reception and red carpet mingled their way to Royce Hall shortly before 7. Tickets checked and programs in hand, the audience took their seats to the melodious tones of the contemporary cover of “When You Believe” (The Prince of Egypt). With a view of most of the audience, except the balcony viewers, the grandiose theater – complete with a large projection screen – seemed to be the perfect place for such talented professionals to gather and celebrate their industry.


In front of the Rotoscopers’ back-of-the-theater seats was a group of nominees – LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu musical geniuses Jay Vincent, Michael Kramer, Erin Chapman, and Jeppe Riddervold. Riddervold, from Denmark, and his musically nominated friends of LA were nominees for Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production.

Photo Credit: J. Patrick Forden

Jeppe Riddervold, Erin Chapman, Michael Kramer, and Jay Vincent, nominees for Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production from LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Photo Credit: J. Patrick Forden

The 42nd Annie Awards resulted in 6 awards for How to Train Your Dragon 2, including Best Animated Feature, and 5 awards for Disney Mickey Mouse, including Outstanding Achievement for Writing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production, with the Best Student Film award going to Jason Rayner for My Big Brother. The Annie Awards this year were quick and concise, largely due to a lack of an overall host, instead featuring several prominent talents as award presenters, such as Ron Clements and John Musker, directors of Disney films such as Aladdin and the upcoming Moana.

With the Annies awarded and well-deserved, the after party was ready to begin, featuring a live band, various dinner dishes, and a full dessert buffet. The Annie Awards were shown off, placed prominently on tables, and pictured with nominees, winners, and other attendees alike. Conversation was immediate, amidst obligatory congratulations and a beeline to the food. The celebrating, congratulating, and drinking, continued well into midnight.

Congratulations to all of the winners, nominees, studios, and everyone involved in creating such a celebratory and inclusive awards show for the amazing talent of the animation industry. The red carpet, the awards show, and the after party were incredible events in recognition of both past and present contributions to animation, film, and television.

See the complete list of the 42nd Annie Award winners here.

Edited by: Kelly Conley & Kajsa Rain Forden

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