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Animated movies, TV, and movies are beloved by many people across the world. At Rotoscopers, we’re a group of animation addicts who simply love the world of animation. Our team understands that animation isn't just for kids, but rather is a rich medium for telling stories for people young and old. We want to share our passion for animation with everyone. That’s why Rotoscopers is dedicated to bringing you the latest animation news and gathering it all in one convenient place.

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We know that there are many different aspects of animation that draw people in. Whether you’re interested in the newest animated movies or what happens behind the scenes, or just want to find a community of fellow animation-lovers, you've come to the right place.


Why browse multiple animation news sites when you can find all the best information in one place? We bring you the latest news so you don't have to.


Our team offers unique perspectives on all things animation. From reviews and opinion pieces to in-depth critiques, you'll find a range of interesting articles full of animated news.


Get an in-depth look at how creators, filmmakers, and actors work together to create your favorite animated features. Gain insight and a deeper appreciation for all the hard work that brings animation to life.


Think of us as a big group of animation enthusiasts hanging out on a virtual couch talking about and discussing our favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Be part of an active, thriving animation community and feel at home in our welcoming and inclusive space.

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