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[NEWS] ‘Dora The Explorer’ Film Underway At Paramount

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‘Dora The Explorer” Film In Development at Paramount

The Hollywood Reporter ran an exclusive story yesterday announcing that a live action film based on the long-running Nick Jr. series Dora The Explorer is in development at Paramount Pictures. While no director has been announced, it will be written by The Muppets and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie scribe Nick Stoller and will be produced by Michael Bay as well as Andrew Form and Brad Fuller from Bay’s company Platinum Dunes. All that is known about the plot so far is that it’s set to follow Dora as she moves in with her cousin Diego in a new city. The movie is aiming at a 2019 release.

The news is surprising to say the least. Bay is of course known for his Transformers series of films, and the demographic for those movies and the demographic that watches Dora aren’t exactly the same. Producing isn’t directing, so it’s entirely possible that Bay is just putting his money towards the project and won’t put his creative spin on Dora’s new adventure. However, it sounds like the movie will be released under the Platinum Dunes label, which is known for horror and action films aimed at the 13-and-over crowd. Will this new Dora movie be aimed at the teenagers that watch the Transformers movies or will it be aimed at the young children that watch Dora on TV every morning? That will be interesting to find out, if nothing else.

Are you excited for a live action Dora movie? What do you think about the choices for writers and producers?

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  • Anonymous

    Unless it pokes fun at the show, I don’t see how anyone would want to watch this.

    • Malcolm Rambert


  • Phoenix Wright
    • Ohhhhh goodness now it kinda gives me hope again if they do this kind of movie for sure!!

    • The second I read this, it reminded me of all the College Humor skits.

  • Malcolm Rambert

    I have to agree with Anonymous at the bottom. This is such a STRANGE idea to go with.

    Don’t get me wrong, this show tried to help American children learn a different tongue and have a good female lead (the reason she’s human and not an animal as planned is because a Nickelodeon executive said that there were no positive Latino role models on TV for kids).

    But, the only reason Dora the Explorer has stayed in the public & pop-culture conscience is because of the constant reruns the show had on Nick Jr. and the fact that the network once upon a time treated it as their biggest cash cow, outside of SpongeBob SquarePants (if you think I’m bluffing, check out this comic made by the team during their tour of Nick Magazine HQ during its last days):

    My biggest question however is if this DOES get made, will they keep the Mexican/Latino culture to a minimum? I say this because even though the show was designed to teach kids the Spanish language, every foreign dub of the show teaches kids how to speak English (which to be honest, makes a lot of sense).

  • Dave 52

    They have me on board with Nick Stoller penning the script. He is a very clever comedy writer as he has shown with The Muppets, Storks, and recently Captain Underpants. I think Captain Underpants is a particular testament to his comedy writing. The film manage to be witty, very clever, self aware, and funny while finding the right way to approach low brow humor. If he can take this film in a similar direction to Captain Underpants and The Muppets where it is self aware of itself and what it is based on then this could be something pretty hilarious.

  • I still feel kinda in doubt about this given Bay is part of this, sooooo until I see some other official news about this, I’m remaining completely in denial about this for a while….I mean its just so weird to me I’m sorry!

  • Manuel Orozco

    I would be excited if I was 8 all over again. But I’m not really

  • This is just a crazy bit of movie news. A live-action film of a pre-school series that not a lot of people like? Hollywood seriously thinks people will be interested in that? Well, there’s a chance that it could be executed decently since the source material could actually benefit from a fresh new direction, but given Dora the Explorer’s reputation, do people think the general public will REALLY go for it?

    • It’s crazy. Watched Dora as a little kid, but I wouldn’t pay to see this.

  • Jordan Briskin

    Oh, please tell me I’m only dreaming this, or that someone posted this as a practical joke…

    • Manuel Orozco

      Wish it was a joke

  • Ok, this is odd. Micheal Bay producing Dora the Explorer? This does
    make me genuinely curious. They do have a decent writer, but still.

  • Harith Sami

    A Dora movie based on the collage humor vid seems fun, but Michael Bay isn’t suitable for something so innocent. Get ready for explosions and inappropriate Micheal Bay stuff in a movie about a pre-school girl.