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Indie-Mation Club Week 3: ‘It’s Such a Beautiful Day’

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Don Hertzfeldt’s first feature length film, It’s Such a Beautiful Day, unfolds over 60 hilarious and haunting minutes. Following a stick figure named Bill as he attempts to navigate his everyday life, the film’s series of simple moments come together to form an intricate portrait of the human psyche, grappling with loneliness, love, and death.

Hertzfeldt has proven himself to be a master after making a series of acclaimed short films, all featuring simplistic stick figure characters. He’s adept at slapstick, but it’s recent stabs at sweeping profundity that have turned out his two masterworks: World of Tomorrow and this film, It’s Such a Beautiful Day. He lets us laugh at the absurdity of Bill’s predicament, then turns that absurdity into something deeply sad.

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