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Funding for Don Bluth’s ‘Dragon’s Lair: The Movie’ Begins Again

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You read it right. Don Bluth – The Don Bluth – could return to hand drawn animation for Dragon’s Lair: The Movie. Crowdfunding for the ‘pitch presentation’ to make the movie has been moved from Kickstarter to an Indiegogo campaign.

The computer game Dragon’s Lair started out as an arcade game in 1983. At the time there were lines around the block to play this game. It has since gained popularity worldwide after being made for over 70 different platforms over the years. It tells the story of Dirk the Daring, a young prince who goes on a fantastical adventure, facing many deathly feats, to rescue the beautiful Princess Daphne. The movie synopsis, however, has been fleshed out to give us a real intriguing story of revenge and love. Planned as a prequel, this time Dirk, with the help of Daphne, needs to fight for his rightful place on the throne and save the kingdom from an evil wizard named Mordroc.

With the help of fan’s funding, Don Bluth and producer Gary Goldman will team up once again to produce a four-minute video called a ‘pitch presentation’ and hire a professional screenwriter. The video will have the outlines of the storyboard with the main plot points and a one minute full color animated example of what the finished film can achieve. This valuable presentation will assist Bluth and Goldman raise money to produce a full length classically animated movie. Now wouldn’t that be something to see?


The fundraising campaign has already been backed to almost 80% with the aim to achieve $250,000. This is no surprise when you think about the childhood memories that Bluth has given us with his animation and the stories that have forever inspired us. There’s bound to be one of his works that you have immense fondness for. American Tail, Titan A.E, The Land Before Time, A Troll in Central Park, Thumbelina, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Anastasia and, of course, The Secret of NIMH.

The perks are some of the best you’ll see on Indiegogo. In fact 24% of the funding has been to give backers these incredible perks. You can get everything from a complete set of Don Bluth’s TOONTALK magazines in digital format with a $5 pledge, a personalized Dragon’s Lair ‘Thank-you’ postcard from Don Bluth & Gary Goldman with a $25 pledge or more and a lanyard, pin, t-shirt and a copy of Dragon’s Lair blu-ray original game with bonus features with a $100 pledge or more. There are even tutorials and master classes from Don Bluth himself with the higher pledges. Check out Bluth’s and Goldman’s campaign video below:

All information about helping this project become a reality can be found on their IndieGogo page and more about Don Bluth can be found on his official site.

What do you think of the campaign? Would you like to see ‘Dragon’s Lair’ become a feature-length movie?

Edited by: Morgan Stradling

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