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EPISODE 49: The Incredibles – Meet the RotoSUPERS!

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The RotoSUPERS assemble to discuss the classic Pixar movie The Incredibles directed by Brad Bird. Sit down with Morgan, Mason, Chelsea and special Rotoscopers writer and guest host, Pablo Ruiz!


  • Get to know Pablo–recording from Bogotá, Colombia!
  • Catch ‘n Fire with Pablo!
  • Game: What’s my super hero name?; “3 Thunder Tubes and you’re out!”
  • Main discussion: The Incredibles.
  • Tights! Where director, Brad Bird, got the idea (just a heads up… we are very pro Brad Bird).
  • Challenging effects, hair, time period, Western story form, and the Fantastic 4 vs. a whole family of Supers!
  • Favorite scenes, teaser trailer, and Brad Bird really loves Pablo.
  • Where do the Supers come from?; Where did the bad guys go?; the characters.
  • Uncle Rico, iPads, 30 Rock, hippies, The Terminator, and Jurassic Park!
  • Syndrome: this guy’s got a lot of issues; Brad Bird look-a-like.
  • Edna E Mode: Golden. Brad Bird’s voice and THE CAPES!
  • Quotes, fight scenes, and the low point.
  • Almost 2 hours long! Who do they think they are? The Rotoscopers?!
  • John Ratzenberger cameos! How would YOU rate them?
  • Mason’s plan to force Brad Bird make a sequel… or prequel?
  • Twitter, Mail Bag, the music!
  • Rate the film!
  • Bloopers! Muggle Cast comes out of retirement, epic music, mis-quotes, Mason gets a text, Chelsea’s lost.

Runtime: 1:23:56; 42.7 MB


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