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“Frozen: Free Fall” Game Now Available on iOS

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Here’s some interesting Frozen news for all you Frozember followers: Disney Interactive has released a new mobile app to accompany the upcoming animated film.  Similar to jewel-matcher games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga, Frozen: Free Fall allows players to match ice crystals together to destroy rows and ultimately reach a point target.


Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle, inspired by the newest Disney animated film, Frozen! Join Anna, Elsa, and more of your favorite characters on a journey to slide and match 75 icy puzzles for free!

As players progress through the stages of the game, new characters from the film are unlocked–each has a unique ability to facilitate gameplay. Elsa has a glacier ability that can be used to destroy crystals of the game color, Anna can use her torch to burn up touching crystals, etc.

Each level also incorporates a Frozen character buddy to give you company while you play, who will react to certain moves that are made.

Frozen: Free Fall is now available to download on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) with a version coming soon for Android.

Play the game and let us know what you think!

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  • Ember Lily

    totally downloading this game over the weekend

  • Max den Hartog

    I love this app! I’ve been playing it all day (and yesterday) aready unlocked young Anna and Elsa 🙂

  • Haley TheRadiant

    This game is addictly fun!!! I love how they start with them as children! and the best part it doesn’t break down before I play the app!!!

  • Ember Lily

    This game is almost impossible without in app purchases and I am very disappointed

  • Oma1234

    Where can you find hints for the levels? I have been on level 30 for a week now and can’t get more than 47,000 points of the 60,000 needed for just one star.

    • Valerie Anderson

      I don’t know where the hints are to beat levels, but I am the same, have made it to 50,000 and cannot get further. Stuck at 30 as well

    • chiralfox

      One thing the game never tells you is that speed increases the point value of all gems. If you continually make matches (you need not wait for the animation to finish, and can actually force some matches before a gem falls) then matches can potentially be made worth 500 per gem instead of 100.

      • Diz Freak

        Just tried….thanks….it is speed!!!