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Animation Addicts 116: ‘Kung Fu Panda 3 – It’s Inner Peace, Man!

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  • Main Discussion:
  • #diplomacy – First major American animated feature to be co-produced by a Chinese firm
  • KAI. How does he compare as a KFP villain?
  • How many major themes can we put into this?
  • Inner Peace smells funny
  • It is finally time to introduce Chi.
  • Split families: Both my dads
  • Meet the Pandas
  • Mai Mai
  • Po is in the ‘Friend Zone’
  • Mason’s ‘How it should have ended’
  • So…do we want 6 movies?
  • Furious 5 Voicemails: DJ Slope, Jack, Joshua, Sarah, Rachel
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Runtime: 01:13:25, 35.2 MB



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