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Animation Addicts 88: Shrek – The Anti-Fairytale

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The Rotoscopers review DreamWorks’ second CGI animated film–the amazing, hilarious, irreverent Shrek.


  • Main Discussion: Shrek (2001)
  • Morgan and Chelsea saw this movie in theatres together and bonded over the fairy tale and Disney parodies.
  • Mason goes in depth about the lighting, rigging, animation and character designs.
  • Animation technology really shows its age.
  • So quotable!
  • John Powell did the score. He’s like a Rotoscoper for music–Disney, DreamWorks, and everything in between.
  • New DREAMWORKS theory: all DreamWorks films are biblical.
  • Which Eddie Murphy character is better? Donkey or Mushu?
  • This movie works because it points out the ridiculousness of fairy tales.
  • Duloc is a ripoff of Disneyland. But it’s hilarious.
  • Donkey is so dense, but it’s what makes him so endearing.
  • The theme of layers really is critical to the whole film.
  • The blatant transformation ripoff of the Beast‘s transformation. The toes!
  • Voicemail: Angela and Dylan
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Runtime: 1:30:53, 45.2 MB


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