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10 Awesome Quotes by Disney Legend Glen Keane

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If you haven’t listened to our interview with Disney Legend Glen Keane on the Animation Addicts Podcast, you’re missing out. It was one of the greatest podcast episodes we have ever recorded. In preparation for the episode, we invited the Rotsocopers community to post questions they would ask Glen on the Rotoscopers Facebook page.

Unfortunately, we only had a mere 45 minutes with Glen, and he only got to answer two listener/fan questions. We thought that was the end of it, until something magical happened: the next day, Glen Keane himself got on Facebook and personally responded to nearly every single question!

The original post, with the questions and Glen’s responses, can be found on the Rotoscopers Facebook page (and if you’re an animation fan and still haven’t liked the page, you’re doing this whole World Wide Web thing all wrong).

For your consideration, here are some nifty and social media friendly images commemorating ten of Glen’s awesome responses. May they illuminate and inspire you!











What did you think about our interview with Glen? What other animators do you admire? Sound off in the comments below!

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