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Animation Addicts 082: Interview with Glen Keane – ‘Duet’

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Animation Addicts 82 Glen KeaneDisney Legend, Glen Keane, takes a moment out of his very busy schedule to talk to Mason and Chelsea about his new short, Duet!


  • Intro of Glen Keane and his short interactive film Duet.
  • What?! Glen listens to The Rotoscopers?
  • Glen talks about Duet and its inspirations.
  • Why graphite?
  • Listener questions:
    • Thomas Van Acker: What do you think is the most important aspect of animation that should be taught by teachers? Or what did you miss in your animation classes?
    • Bridget Monica: What story (that hasn’t been done!) would you love to see transformed into a full length animated film?
    • Jessica Wersky: What role does faith play in your creative life?
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  • Blooper! Can we get Glen back?

Glen was so kind and went on to the Facebook fan page and replied to many of the the questions personally! Check it out here!

Runtime: 0:53:12, 64.6 MB


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