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Episode 66: Up – Pablo’s Bell

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Morgan and Chelsea are joined by RotoWriter Pablo Ruiz to review Pixar’s second film to be nominated for Best Picture, Up!


Main Discussion: Up
■ Why the “Married Life” sequence is so good.
 The punching-filled “Married Life” sequence that could have been.
 Michael Giacchino’s whimsical, 40s-esque score has its own life and takes the film to another level.
The movie goes all over the place visually: house floating with balloons, South America, and more!
Enter the dogs: Doug, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma!
■ Flying dogs take it too far.
Voicemails: Mario, Janice Marie, Jemma, Brandon, Adriana, Yuri, Kimber.

Runtime: 1:25:20 51.6MB


The Rotoscopers

The Hosts

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