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Episode 061: The Last Unicorn – Give Us More Pirate Cat!

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Morgan, Chelsea, Mason and special guest host Whitney Grace come together to discuss Rankin-Bass’s 1982 film The Last Unicorn.


■ Email from Zora, requesting one of her favorite movies from her childhood.
■ Main Discussion: The Last Unicorn
 History of Rankin-Bass, adapting this film and the retro website.
First memories, major themes.
The red bull doesn’t give you wings (and turn you into an alicorn).
■ History of unicorn in folklore. Powers of the unicorn horn.
■ Gotta love the Harpy and crazy Mommy Fortuna.
■ Things get Studio Jiggling on us real fast!
■ List of movies where animals turn into humans and visa versa.
■ The pirate cat is the best part of this movie! He needs his own Saturday morning spinoff cartoon!
■ Deep thoughts with Chelsea: “There are no happy endings because there is no end.”; What does the red bull represent?
We rate it!
Mail bag: Luis, David Lee, Georgina, Adriana, Mike, and Marc.

Runtime: 1:54:05, 30.8MB


■ Watch The Last UnicornBlu-ray | DVD | Digital | Rent
■ The Last Unicorn Novel
■ Listen to The Last Unicorn novel on Audible
■ Luis Escobar’s top 10 lists: Top 10 best animated superhero moviesTop 10 best animated superhero TV shows & Top 10 Disney movies
David’s DeviantArt account and Elsa drawing

The Rotoscopers

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