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‘Frozen’ Soundtrack Tracklist Leaked? [UPDATE]

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[UPDATE 10/8/13 7:04 AM] This tracklist has been confirmed as a fake by Frozen composer Robert Lopez himself. We know, we know…you’re all really bummed that we won’t be able to hear “Olaf Can Skate It” in all its musical glory. Once we get the real confirmed tracklist, we’ll let you know. The Frozen 2-disc deluxe edition soundtrack will be released November 26, 2013.

Until then, you can pre-order the soundtrack here on Amazon.


Since Disney has been so tight lipped about its upcoming animated film Frozen, others have taken it upon themselves to reveal the news about the film. The latest? A purported tracklist from the Frozen soundtrack.

A tumblr blog dedicated to Frozen posted the image of a newly created Facebook profile called Track Listen. The list shows the soundtrack consisting of 26 songs from the “demo archive”. Check them out below, but beware because the list and songs may be considered plot spoilers.


Personally, the list smells of a fake. I’m not too familiar with the way songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez like to title their songs, but song titles like “Froze the Coronation!”, “Olaf Can Skate It” and “We’re No Cold” sound like they were written by someone whose first language isn’t English; however, they could just be typos. And is Avril Lavigne even relevant anymore? Seems like a weird choice for a credits performer in 2013. Also, the fact that this person’s facebook profile was created less than a day ago seems really sketchy to me. Sounds like someone wanting to stir the pot and create a rumor.

On the positive side, if this is true, it shows there are 6 lyrical songs (maybe 7 depending on how you categorize song 25). From what we know of the plot from Destination D and other sources, the “Prophecy/Two Sisters and A Crown” and the coronation at the beginning fit. “Let It Go” is Elsa’s song, which was performed at Destination D (check out our very own Chelsea Robson sing her version of it here), is an official song. Anna’s “Spring Again” is what I imagine to be where Anna  sings about wanting to see spring again after her kingdom being cursed to a never-ending winter. “Melt Me” sounds like a “See The Light”-style love song between Anna and Kristoff. Also, plot progression through the titles seems right in line with what we’ve been told.

Whether its real or not, it gets me even more excited to see Frozen. There has been lots of buzz on Twitter recently of WDAS employees who are raving about the film’s look and quality. Hopefully, Disney will give us some much needed official information, photos, trailers and details soon!

What do you think? Is the tracklist real or fake? Fill out our poll and let us know in the comments below!

Also, looks like the Elsa concept art that we were talked about months ago finally got leaked. So, yep, as if the fake leaked posters didn’t convince you, there’s more proof to Elsa’s younger design.


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