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Singing ‘Frozen’ Dolls to Harmonize & Leaked Tracklist Confirmed FAKE

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Rotoscopers Frozen Doll set

It has just been confirmed that Mattel will be releasing singing dolls to go along with Disney’s upcoming movie, Frozen. Ok, so that was confirmed a while ago at D23 Expo, but what’s great is that it has been confirmed that the songs that they will sing will HARMONIZE!

Despite the lack of music in the most recent trailer, Frozen is actually a musical. All five main characters sing at least a verse and a chorus to a song on the soundtrack. But the princesses have their own “theme songs,” as it were.  So, each doll will sing her corresponding song. The Elsa doll will sing and play the chords from “Let It Go.” The Anna doll will sing “For The First Time in Forever” and in true musical form, when you play the two together they harmonize, much like Mattel’s popular Thing-A-Ma-Jigs singing toys.

There will also be a talking Olaf doll that sings a bit of his song “In Summer” as well. There will not, however, be a Kristoff/Hans sing-off doll set. I know, I know…we’re all disappointed.

Now, just as a clarification, these are not the dolls that are in the Disney Store. Those are different. Those are mute, as in, can’t talk.

Also, since we are talking about the music and 2-disc soundtrack this week, I couldn’t help myself. I was bugged that I didn’t know how much of that old list we once talked about was true (even though it seemed suspiciously fake). So, I went to the source. I asked composer Robert Lopez and this was his response:

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 2.06.00 PM

So there you have it. I know many of you are disappointed that there isn’t going to be musical masterpieces like “Olaf Can Skate It”, “Like It Like That” and “Melt Me.”

But hey! It is confirmed that the leaked tracklist was fake, everyone gets to sing a little, and we have an idea of what Anna’s song, “For The First Time in Forever”, will sound like! (Same chord progression as “Let It Go!”)

Sound off… What do you think?

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