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Animation Addicts 28: The Prince of Egypt – Haboob!

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The gang is back together discussing DreamWorks Animation’s first traditionally animated film The Prince of Egypt.


  • Nickoledeon launching Ninja Turtles cartoon series reboot, new untitled Pixar project, Disney reveals official Frozen logo
  • Main discussion: The Prince of Egypt
  • Who is Jeffrey Katzenberg?
  • Awards: From the Oscars to the Grammy’s where did it fall? Nashville version of the soundtrack
  • Box office results: was it a success?
  • A bible story? Bold move for DreamWorks! Topped with an all-star voice cast!
  • Characters, world design, animation
  • Beginning: “Deliver Us”, chariot race, meeting Pharaoh, hieroglyphics,
  • Time in Midian: “Through Heaven’s Eyes”, the burning bush
  • Haboob! Moses walked to Arizona
  • Back in Egypt: what’s the best slave job?, Mason thinks “Playing with the Big Boys” is horrible, the destroying angel, passover
  • “There Can Be Miracles” = fake ending?, the Red Sea
  • We rate it!
  • Bloopers and Chelsea’s shameless plug

Runtime: 1:14:04, 35.6 MB


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