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Episode 14: Brave Review Part 2 (with Spoilers!)

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Morgan, Chelsea and Mason get to see Pixar’s Brave and give all their thoughts on the summer blockbuster. They talk anything and everything about the film, so be ready for SPOILERS! Catch the spoiler-free review here on episode 13!


  • Mason finally gets into an advance movie screening!
  • News: Wreck-It Ralph TrailerMr. Peabody & Sherman Poster, Disney’s Frozen announced with Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, D23 Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features
  • Main Discussion: Brave
  • Mason’s initial thoughts: stunning authentic visuals, great 3D, the hair!
  • The good and bad of 3D films: Thor and Madagascar 3
  • Legend of Zelda similarities: archery shooting range, will o’ wisps = stray fairies, Koume and Kotake
  • Act 1: Morgan was tricked by the bear spell, who is the bear?, too long, Scottish Boomhauer
  • Which son and Lord is your favorite?
  • Conundrums: Are the Lords relatives of Fergus? Are Fergus and the Lords descendants of the four brothers from the legend?
  • Is the film a ripoff or original?
  • Women in the castle: Elinor is THE authority figure, comedy relief maid
  • The witch & her hut: Pizza Planet truck, not a “bad guy”
  • Lots of Harry Potter voice connections
  • Biggest surprises about the bears and completely predictable scenes
  • Rude humor MPAA PG rating: lots of butts and boobs
  • “The Compromise Scene”: Merida still relies a lot on her mom at the end
  • The weirdest and most confusing part of the movie: the tapestry
  • Morgan thinks she has Pixar all figured out
  • Mor’du conundrums: confusing backstory, empty revenge on Fergus
  • Last fight scene: shows Elinor’s protective side, too short
  • Critics: “Disappointed in Pixar because it’s not an original story.”
  • Morgan’s rant on “this would be great if it were DreamWorks, but since it’s Pixar we expected more” critic mentality
  • Merida face character, Brave Barbie dolls, the Pocahontas Braided Beauty Barbie
  • Cheap Indian Brave knock-off: Kiara the Brave. Now at Redbox!
  • Our response to all the negative reviews: it doesn’t follow the “Princess formula” at all,
  • What we rate it!
  • Mason visits the King of the Hill production archives at TSU
  • Bloopers: can’t get Morgan’s name right, hearing voices, marry one of the things

Runtime: 1:16:08, 36.6 MB


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