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Episode 13: Brave Review Part 1 – Spoiler Free!

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Morgan and Chelsea get to see an advance screening of Pixar’s hotly anticipated film, Brave. They share their spoiler-free thoughts and impressions about the film.  

**We tried to keep the review as spoiler free as possible, but our definition of spoiler might be different that your definition. So if you don’t want to know anything about the film before it’s released, don’t listen!**


  • Is Brave overhyped?
  • The HAIR is the star of the film
  • Madagascar 3 vs. Brave
  • Setting: old Scotland is beautiful
  • Despite the mystical elements, Brave feels the most “real” of Pixar’s films
  • Did they just do that?!
  • The clans: loveable, who’s your favorite Lord?
  • The suitors: not so desirable, Kronk bodyguard
  • The triplets: hilarious, free reign through the castle
  • Humor: not too over the top, just right
  • Merida and Elinor’s mother/daughter relationship drives the plot
  • Brave is not “the Scottish Mulan”, but it is a LOT like another Disney animated film
  • The music: makes you want to dance, hummable
  • The directors: Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews
  • Very quotable film
  • Best animated film of 2012 so far
  • Merida’s face shape and the official princesses
  • How old is Merida?
  • What do they rate it?
  • Thoughts on La Luna: tender, clever, multi-generational story
  • Always stay till the end

Runtime: 0:39:40, 18.2 MB


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