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Episode 11: Madagascar – Sequels and Duos, “We Don’t Change!”

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After four episodes, the Rotoscopers trio is finally all back together again…well sort of. In this episode, the gang discusses their thoughts on sequels, animation duos and DreamWorks Animation’s 2005 hit Madagascar.


  • Why Morgan can’t get Chelsea’s last name right?
  • What animation we watched this week
  • Morgan visits Don Bluth Front Row Theater for her bachelorette party and gets a special surprise
  • News: Don Bluth re-releases Dragon’s Lair comic in app store and hints at future Dragon’s Lair film, Ryan Woodwood releasing animated graphic novel, trailer for Arjun: The Warrior Prince
  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Sequels!
  • Walt Disney vs. Roy Disney on sequels
  • Poster child for sequels gone wrong: The Land Before Time series
  • There are some good sequels
  • Are sequels canon?
  • The sequel that started it all: The Return of Jafar
  • Mason’s theory: The Return of Jafar is just a dream
  • The hierarchy of canon
  • What are some good sequels and bad sequels? Does it have replay value?
  • What Disney classics don’t have sequels?
  • Main discussion: Madagascar
  • Mini animation principle: Mason talks about “straights on curves”
  • What makes this movie unique: character design, humor,
  • Soundtrack and Hans Zimmer
  • “I Like to Move It”: the song that changed the world
  • Not just for kids?
  • Quotes: watch me sleep, animal rights wackos,
  • Characters: King Julian is the star of the show; Melman, Marty, Alex and Gloria; the famous penguins
  • Animation duos: one tall skinny one and one short fat one. “We don’t change!”
  • If you were Alex, which animal friend would you eat first?
  • Listener twitter question: Who is your favorite character in Madagascar and why?
  • Brief thoughts on Madagascar 2
  • Dislikes: didn’t connect with characters,
  •  We rate it!
  •  “The Art of Brave” Contest
  •  Bloopers: tin foil hat, future Disneyland meetup, Morgan’s all business

Runtime: 1:25:57, 41.3 MB

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