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Episode 5: Toy Story – Buzz Syndrome

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The Rotoscopers tackle their first Pixar film, Toy Story! (Because you’re not an official animation podcast unless you’ve covered Pixar.)

Morgan & Chelsea share their experience of meeting Don Bluth. Also covered is the animation news for the week, the introduction of a new segment called the “Nerdy Couch Hour” and, of course, a hilarious discussion about the first CGI feature-length animated film Toy Story.


  • We have a cricket problem
  • Morgan & Chelsea go to Don Bluth Front Row Theatre
  • Quick News Segment: Lorax opening weekend $70.2 million, new Japanese Brave trailer & Robert Sherman passes away
  • Nerdy Couch Hour: The movie name change trend
  • Main Discussion: Toy Story
  • Is the entire movie quotable?
  • VHS & 90s movie preview tangent
  • Toy Duel
  • Why Barbie wasn’t in the first Toy Story film
  • Conundrums: What kind of toy is Bo Peep?
  • Favorite scenes: Andy’s playtime & the birthday party
  • The music: no characters singing in the film & potential Sid Phillips villain song
  • The characters: lots of characters but not too many, Rex’s voice actor & Billy Crystal was supposed to be Buzz
  • The Pixar movie experience
  • Pizza Planet: the delivery guy, whack-a-alien & alien juice dispenser
  • Disneyland’s Red Rockett’s Pizza Port: the futuristic Red Robin?
  • Items that are in every Pixar film
  • The green alien men cult
  • Sid Phillips character discussion: crazed genius, pop tarts for breakfast & appearances in Monsters’ Inc. comics
  • Conundrums: Buzz syndrome, Zurg’s secret weapon & batteries for toys
  • Trivia: Woody and Andy’s last name & early working titles for the film
  • Mrs. Nesbitt’s tea party with Marie Antoinette and her sister
  • What we rate the film
  • Bloopers: no flushing allowed, the lego table, multiple interruptions by the cricket & nerdy kid in his room

Runtime: 1:13:08, 33.1 MB


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