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Animation Addicts Podcast #170: Voicemail Listening Party – “Imaginary Party!”

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Before they go on hiatus, Morgan and Chelsea take your calls and talk about the past 6 years of the Animation Addicts Podcast!


  • We are so overwhelmed with the kind words and posts the fans have given us! As announced last episode, we will be taking a hiatus from podcasting as we work on other goals in our lives. This episode we loved hearing from old friends and first time callers alike!
  • Voicemails: Alex, Alisa, Amy, Bethany, Bill, Chelsea, Crystal, Daniel, DJ, Dylin, Edden, Eli, Erik, Esther, Hannah, Jace, Jack, Jonathan, Matt, Milan, Naybeth, Olivia, & ((Unknown))
  • Things we’ve learned from podcasting
  • What are we going to do now?
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtags #AnimationAddicts and #AnimationAddicts170 when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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About Chelsea Robson

Chelsea Robson, Co-host of the Animation Addicts Podcast, studied studio engineering and is a singer/songwriter and is know as "The World Traveler of the Podcast." She speaks fluent Portuguese, loves being outdoors, hiking small mountains, riding horses, and talking about human nature.
  • Eli Sanza

    Good luck to you in your future endeavors, ladies! When I left that voice mail I forgot to thank Mason. He’s also cool. (I also forgot to say goodbye. I’m bad at public speaking and I was nervous. Forgive me!)

    • Eli Sanza

      I knew I was gonna mess up in some way LOL.

    • Chelsea Robson

      Thank YOU, Eli!

  • Liv Mendel

    Thank you so much for featuring in the podcast!! It was so nice to remin

  • Liv Mendel

    Thank you so much for featuring me in the podcast!! For my first voicemail, I didn’t think it was too bad. I mean, I was cringing when I had to listen to my Lord Shen impression, but it could’ve gone worse 😂

    Anyway, I unfortunately had a 90 second limit and I could only say so much in my voicemail. Like I said, I’m somewhat of a new listener and the first podcast I heard from you guys was in January of this year and it was the Hunchback of Notre Dame one. Hunchback is my favorite Disney movie, hence Esmeralda being featured in my profile picture and mentioning it first when I listed off my many favorite episodes.

    I really wish I found this podcast series sooner because I would’ve loved to send in voicemails and gush about how amazing Frollo, Ramses (from The Prince of Egypt, of course) and Shen are as villains, as well as their spectacular soundtracks from their respective films. Hopefully, when you guys come back from hiatus, I’ll have time to send in a voicemail for an animated film I love!

    I’m sorry for rambling, but I really wish y’all the best for your futures and I can’t wait for you guys to come back! Au revoir!

    (I’m not at all French nor fluent in the language, but I just love saying “bye/until we meet again” like that. Ok bye for real 😂)

  • SurrealKangaroo

    Thanks for featuring my voicemail. For a first time caller I didn’t think it was too bad. I’m still bummed out that I didn’t discover the podcast sooner.

    • Chelsea Robson

      Thank you! We appreciated every voicemail!

  • Jeremiah

    Narrator: And so we come to the last chapter in which Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin go to the enchanted part of the forest, and we say goodbye.

    Winnie the Pooh: Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?

    Narrator: Sorry, Pooh, but all stories have an ending, you know.

    Winnie the Pooh: Oh, bother.

    • Chelsea Robson

      Technically, you can go back to episode 1. 😉

  • k

    I keep thinking of those old Warner Bros. cartoons. At the end the music plays porky pig comes out and says,

    “That’s all folks!”
    (until next time)

  • MJ Edwards

    I didn’t expect this episode to get me emotional, especially listening to all those voicemails! It’s been such a great journey listening to Morgan, Mason and Chelsea over the years. And I just love this community. I was so happy to have been welcomed into it with open arms.

    • Chelsea Robson

      MJ! thank you for all your help and for even being my cohost on an episode!

  • Rachel Wagner

    Good luck in the future and thanks for the ride

  • bella

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