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Animation Addicts Podcast# 155: ‘Thumbelina’ – Cuchi Cuchi

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You either like it or you hate it! Morgan and Chelsea talk about Don Bluth’s 1994 animated film, Thumbelina


  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Top 5 B-list heroes and villains





  • Main discussion: Thumbelina
  • Don Bluth and finding distribution
  • Morgan’s fairtale review: Buy the book!
  • Voice cast: Jody Benson, Gilbert Gottfried, & Charo
  • Cuchi Cuchi! Chelsea loses her youth points
  • Barry Manilow – Taking it song by song
  • Voicemail: Bethany, Daniel, & Rachel
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About Chelsea Robson

Chelsea Robson, Co-host of the Animation Addicts Podcast, studied studio engineering and is a singer/songwriter and is know as "The World Traveler of the Podcast." She speaks fluent Portuguese, loves being outdoors, hiking small mountains, riding horses, and talking about human nature.
  • Eli Sanza

    Okay, this movie gets ☆☆1/2 from me. I largely agree with everything Chelsea said but I could never recommend this. It has some entertaining moments (especially Charo) but it just doesn’t feel like a finished movie. Could have had better characters.

    • Chelsea Robson

      I’m not sure I would ever recommend it either but my 3-5 year old nieces LOVE this movie… So, there is an audience.

      • Eli Sanza

        Good point.

    • I’m surprised with all the Charo love! <3

      • Eli Sanza

        I know next to nothing about the person but I like the toad.

  • Chelsea Warner

    This was the first movie I saw in theaters when I was four. My mom, my grandma, and I were the only three in the theater. I distinctly remember shouting “that’s Iago!” when the beetle first spoke. Overall I think it’s one of Don Bluth’s worst. I give it two stars (I reserve one star rating for stuff like Norm of the North).

    I like how you mention that Jodi Benson did the voice. I remember one time it came on TV when I was in middle school and my brother and I just watched it to make fun of it. My mom came into the living room and said that I must of watched time and time again when I was little because Thumbelina’s voice was so familiar. I was like “that’s Ariel’s voice”.

    • Chelsea Robson

      Love your memories! BTW, if we ever did anything together in person, they could call us “Chelsea²”

  • Phoenix Wright

    Its been a while since I’ve seen this and I’m not a huge fan of it, but I honestly love Charo. I would have definitely loved to go to her concert

    • Chelsea Robson

      It was definitely memorable! haha

  • I remember walking through a Sam’s Club and stopping to stare at a dozen screens all playing “Thumbelina” at the same time. It always makes a shopping trip better when you get to watch TV! (And this was the 90’s so I couldn’t play youtube on a non-existing cell phone ^^) I do remember quoting the beetle at times: “What’s ya hurry, toots!?” and being impressed with Cornelius for bringing Thumbelina armloads of gifts.

    I’m glad when fairy tale films go back to the source material for authenticity but like Chelsea and Morgan have said, the “three suitors” who want Thumbelina aren’t appealing or even entertaining in this movie. Surely that had to do with the time limit for character development and storyline. Even if they are comic side characters, there’s a fine line between the ones that make you laugh and the ones that make you cringe. It may not be Don Bluth’s best but it has a nostalgia factor for me and I enjoy rewatching certain scenes.