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Animation Addicts 111: ‘Treasure Planet’ – With a Very Pleasing ‘Gold Coin to Precious Jewel’ Ratio

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The gang is ready to talk about the 2002 Disney Sci-fi flick, from the directors Ron Clements and John Musker, ‘Treasure Planet!’


  • Main Discussion: Treasure Planet (2002)
  • Why didn’t it do better in the box office?
  • Animation Raves “It takes you back”
  • Disney Theory: Is Jim a descendant of Tarzan?
  • Character designs: Who was more appealing?
  • Mini Nerdy Couch Discussion: Should supervising animators get more recognition for animating their characters?
  • Sidekick time: Morph vs. B.E.N. Technical nitpicking by Mason. #crazyrobot #theplushtoy
  • We’re still on ‘the gold thing’.
  • How does this portal work, exactly? Is it always open?
  • The villain countdown
  • Voicemail: Sinjon, Jack, Matt, MJ, Rachel, Rei, Vanessa, Mark
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  • Where did that title come from, lol?

    • Chelsea Robson

      It was a full discussion topic. Where were you? 😉

  • Sarah

    Awesome as always! I am going to have to force myself to not leave 8,000 questions for the trivia

    • Chelsea Robson

      I expect great things from you!

      • Sarah

        I love trivia so I am super pumped!

  • 😀 LOVE this movie, I even own the ‘art of’ for it. Let me tell you it was hard to find but worth it.

  • k

    I love this film but steam punk doesn’t seem to sell, doesn’t connect with mainstream audience. Well “Hullabaloo” make it? Who knows.

  • Fadi Antwan

    My favorite scene:

  • Disney index project

    I think Treasure Planet is a great film – I didn’t understand why it did not work at the box office.

    The Starlog magazine published 2 interesting articles on the film based on interviews with Eric Daniels, Glen Keane and Ron Clements:

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    I suppose Disney had competition with Pixar at the time of Treasure Planet’s release. CG Animation was all the rave back then (Monsters Inc, Shrek, Finding Nemo) and Treasure Planet suffered because of that unfortunate calamity.

  • MJ Edwards

    The beautiful moment when the Rotoscopers talk about one of your all-time favorite films. You guys sounded like you had so much fun! <3

  • Ryan Prieto

    This movie takes me back. It just screams 90s to me. All that angst we all felt as youngsters put up on the big screen. Man I can just see Disney’s the Movie Surfers, talking about this film as they got that live performance of the Title song from the soundtrack, “Im Still Here”. Great movie, great episode rotoscopers.

  • Eric Faulkner

    I blind bought this from a Sam Goody going out of Business. I actually enjoyed it. I feel that too many Animated Disney Movies which don’t have catchy songs are often overlooked by Disney Fans.

  • guest02

    Will you guys be reviewing star wars? It would be interesting to listen to you guys talk about a live action film though it clearly has animation.

  • That golden scene of Jim’s past, pretty much every scene in that song sequence really hit home for me when I was 12 and still does. So this movie really means a lot to me. Maybe it’s not perfect but actually I think it’s better than some of Disney’s recent output, I think the story works better than Princess & The Frog even. I think if it came out today, it would’ve done fantastically at the box office. But now we’re living in a time when appreciating 90’s Disney is cool again. Man, I remember when it first came out I went to school raving about it, but nobody in my 6th grade class cared. :<

  • Another great podcast for a fun and creative Disney movie. If you’re fans of the classic novel by Stevenson then I highly recommend checking out the audio of “Treasure Island” with Alfred Molina narrating it. I took the CDs once on a trip and it was definitely worth it. His version of Long John Silver is frightening and raspy and exciting all at once. And it’s available on Amazon!

  • I’ve been a little behind on listening to the podcasts lately, so I’m trying to catch up. Anyway, I actually did get to see this in theaters and I loved it! I thought the animation was amazing and it definitely had an interesting story.

    I must be crazy, but I’m probably one of the few people who actually like B.E.N. Not sure why, but I’ve always sort of found the funny-type characters to be appealing. I’m probably also one of the few people who actually likes Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars too (I know, I know – Please don’t hurt me!). And to answer Mason’s question, I was actually one of the people who went out and bought the B.E.N. toy. In my defense though, it’s actually pretty cool. It talks AND his eyes light up! It also didn’t hurt that it was on a clearance table at the Disney Store.

    Great movie though and definitely an underrated one at that. If you haven’t seen this movie, please check it out!

  • racy1285

    Animation was great but the script was awful. Everytime i watch it i fall asleep. Happy for the people who liked it but it didnt work for me.