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New ‘Frozen’ Images Show Off Elsa’s Ice Palace, Arendelle & More!

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More Frozen goodness and it’s not even Friday yet!

Just a bit ago we got new details regarding a song from Disney’s Frozen. Now, Disney has released new images showing off Elsa’s ice palace, the kingdom of Arendelle, Anna, Kristoff, as well as a closeup of Elsa and her ice abilities. These gorgeous new stills come to us from the official Disney Russia Facebook page: 









Stay tuned to the Rotoscopers for more Frozen news as details unfold! 

Frozen hits theaters in the US on November 27th.

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Stephen is an art student at Fresno State University. Stephen's favorite animated films are Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and Tarzan. His ultimate goal is to one day work for Disney. Follow Stephen on Twitter (@stephensweeps).
  • Gorgeous!

  • Md katalaves


  • Jessica

    These are GORGEOUS!! Am I the only one getting a serious Mt. Crumpet vibe from the mountain Elsa’s palace is built on?

  • Brianna

    This defeats all previous castles.

    • Gotta agree with you, Brianna! Here’s hoping we’ll someday see a replica built at one of the Disney Parks.

      • Fadi Antwan

        ^ Genius. If that really happened, I would die of excitement.

      • Nichole Shepherd

        I agree too with u guys Stephen and Brianna . I lick the castles they are awesome .

  • Pretty cool to think that this palace was made single-handedly by a 21-year old girl.

    • Darcy

      You’re kidding. You know this for a fact? Who was the animator? She did a fantastic job.

      • I meant Elsa. LOL.

        • Darcy

          Whoops. You were speaking “in universe.” Don’t know how I missed that.

          I do remember in the LOTR commentary, it was mentioned that the entire destruction-of-Barad-Dur sequence was generated by a single computer artist over his Christmas vacation. I suppose I imagined that this too could have been an example of a lone animator’s amazing vision.

          Well, whoever did conceive Elsa’s ice palace did a spectacular job. Looking forward to “The Art of Frozen.”

      • Brittany

        I think he means Elsa made it haha. But I wouldn’t put Disney past hiring a 21 year old prodigy.

      • Jessica

        The making of the palace would be the work of a modeler, texture artist, lighting artist, and special effects artist, not an animator. And having one person do all of that would throw a wrench in the pipeline.

        • Darcy

          Indeed. I look forward to the extras on the DVD that will (hopefully) fill us in on some of the work that went intro designing this magnificent edifice.

    • Fadi Antwan

      Everyone needs a hobby xD

  • Beautiful! Elsa is amazing looking and her powers look beautiful! The castle is gorgeous but I’m only wondering why is Anna in the palace by herself? No Olaf, Kristoff or Sven…

  • The Animation Commendation

    Wow, I wanna live there!

  • Aliscen Khaw

    Amazing,disney really did their research!! XD

  • Jessica

    The more I look at the designs of the architecture and the environment, the more I’m reminded of Sleeping Beauty’s architecture and environment design. Simply gorgeous!

    • Darcy

      Absolutely. Those likenesses are not coincidental. Sleeping Beauty takes place in a Gothic world, and in the late-18th/early19th century setting of Frozen the Neo-Gothic style was in vogue. I think there are many significant associations between these two films.

  • Nichole Shepherd

    I like it the ice looks real to me.

  • Nichole Shepherd

    and I am new here so can enyone help me please

  • Nichole Shepherd

    I am new here .so hi .this is so cool everything look so real and awesome

  • Mia Scallions

    I loved frozen it is best Disney movie I ever saw. Have you ever seen frozen fever