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Episode 97: ‘Peter Pan’ – It’s the Peyote!

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The Rotoscopers head to Neverland with special guest host Lou Mongello from WDW Radio as they review Disney’s 1953 animated film Peter Pan.


  • Catch and Fire with Lou Mongello.
  • Main Discussion: Peter Pan (1953)
  • Lou wins the award for the best first recollection: He saw the play on Broadway with his mom.
  • The meaning behind “This has all happened before and will all happen again…”
  • Why so mean to Wendy?
  • Peter Pimp.
  • You’re a Crook, Captain Hook!
  • So many Disney theories!
  • Count the Tattoos: It’s all about Tinker Bell.
  • Lost Boys: Thoughts on the song “What Makes the Red Man Red?”
  • Mr. Smee vs Hercules.
  • Lou goes into his lawyer mode: Why is Peter Pan the best ever?
  • Voicemails:  Mason, Blake, Sarah, Kimber.
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #AnimAddicts97 when talking about this episode on Twitter!
  • Bloopers: Robo Morgan, recording issues.

Runtime: 01:34:43, 45.1 MB


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