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Episode 63: Hercules – Gotta Know Your Clouds

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Morgan and Chelsea are flying on Pegasus solo to review the fan favorite, Disney’s 1997 Hercules.


Main Discussion: Hercules
■ Hercules is getting a Blu-ray release!
 General info, reception; movie bombed in Greece.
Not very many A-list voice actors!
The music shines: gospel chorus for the Greek chorus.
Comparison of the original Hercules mythology vs. Disney’s adaptation.
■ Gorgeous color palette and character design for the gods on Olympus.
■ “Go the Distance” is a great song for any spirituality, person or plight.
■ This movie uses lots of pop culture references much like Alandin and Shrek. Does it date it?
■ Megara’s character arc.
■ “Once in Every Show” from Spamalot.
■ Remember to use the hashtag #AnimAddicts and #PleaseNoSpiceGirls (if you make it to the end of the episodes) on Twitter!
Rotoscopers t-shirt contest!
■  Voicemails, mail bag and lots of bloopers!

Runtime: 1:37:05 46.7 MB


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