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Tom and Jerry Get A Reboot: Watch The Trailer

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The most famous cat and mouse duo in cartoon history, Tom and Jerry, are making a high profile comeback to television this year. In the all new Tom and Jerry Show, airing from this April on Cartoon Network, the classic cat vs. mouse game returns to enchant a new generation.

Check out the trailer below:


The visuals look great, colorful and cartoony, while the character designs remain mostly unchanged and authentic. It certainly has a modern influence, while at the same time, harkens back the the classic 60s style of Tom and Jerry. It also looks like the violence from the original series will be making a comeback, but hey, the crashes and bangs are what makeĀ The Tom and Jerry Show such a classic. It’s clear that the integrity of the original series is intact.


The Tom and Jerry Show premieres April 9, 5:30/4:30c on Cartoon Network.

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