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Should A ‘Frozen’ Sequel Happen?

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It’s snowballed into a global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm since it first hit theatres Disney-Frozen-Posterback in November. Its music has inspired hundreds of YouTube covers and parodies. It’s won two Oscars, and with over $1 billion in worldwide earnings, it’s well on its way to becoming the highest grossing animated film in history. This is the movie they call Frozen.

With the incredible success of this movie, you’d think Disney would do what any modern animation studio would do- make a sequel! But here’s the thing. They shouldn’t do that.

Talks of a sequel began ever since the movie became a pop culture classic, with Disney CEO Bob Iger saying we haven’t seen the last of Frozen. Of course that also refers to theme park attractions and a Broadway adaptation, but the question is, does this movie warrant a sequel?

The original movie closes perfectly: with Anna and Elsa reuniting and regaining their friendship. Anna finds true love and Elsa gains acceptance and embraces her icy powers.The messages of acceptance and true love from the first movie just can’t be redone. Also, throwing the same characters into a new situation just wont have the same impact.

What story could possibly be told in a Frozen 2? Elsa finding love? The story behind Elsa’s powers? Anna realizing she has a secret power? These ideas are either too weak, or best left open to interpretation.

We know what you’re thinking, Toy Story 2. That rare animated sequel actually as good–or even better–than the original. But it needs to be said that Toy Story 2 had characters which could easily fit a variety of situations with comic consequences. Not the case for Frozen–a full on animated drama.

Disney needs to focus entirely on original ideas. In the 90s, that’s what worked. Each movie that followed the last was original, powerful and unique. Their sequels were reserved for home video. Their upcoming slate, Big Hero 6 (November 2014), Zootopia (2016), Giants (2016) and Moana (2018) all look positively unique and original. It’s also certain at this point that the success of Frozen will inspire Disney to release a new musical fairytale every few years.

Disney needs to do use the new property responsibly. An annual Frozen Sing Along Christmas re-release? We’re up for that. A series of theatrical shorts featuring Olaf and Sven? Bring it on! A full length sequel? Maybe not.


Because blizzards never strike twice.

What do you think? Do you want to see a Frozen sequel? Why? Why not?

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