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Episode 59: A Monster in Paris – Don’t Judge This Flea by Its Cover

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Morgan and Chelsea jump right in the the discussion on this unconventional and under-appreciated French film, A Monster in Paris!


■ What is going on with PARIS?! The disgusting truth of where all this water came from! Nasty!
■ The film is actually better the second time! Who is this leprechaun-looking dude?
 Who is Bibo Bergeron? Where is the making of?
Animation: They used their money wisely. 
Character breakdowns and major plot points.
■ We’re learning French as we go.
■ Chelsea talks about her ‘American Idol Season 8’ experience.
■ The one-hit wonder!
■ It almost went into disturbing territory…
■ The music.
■ We rate it!

 Mail Bag! 

■ Jessica: What educational cartoons did you watch?
■ Sara Costa: How can we contact Whitney of Animated Interviews? @storysequence
■ Peter: The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation.
■ Anja: Frozen, some Norwegian trivia, Morgan’s singing, and the Podcast Awards!

Runtime: 103.46; 32.7 MB


■ Watch A Monster in Paris: Blu-rayDVD | Digital | Rent
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