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New FROZEN Trailer Released In Australia – Leaked!

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[UPDATE 9/20/13 11:12 AM] Looks like the trailer has been taken down from both tumblr and YouTube. We’ll keep our eyes peeled if another one pops up. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait until September 26, then the trailer will be officially unveiled in all of its glorious HD.


Thanks to our wonderful friends down under, we’ve got our hands on the brand new, never-before-seen trailer for Disney’s eagerly anticipated new fairytale flick, Frozen. Sharp-eyed fans will notice that the trailer isn’t actually due until Thursday, September 26, but Australian moviegoers have a chance to catch the trailer in front of Disney’s Planes, which released in Australia this weekend.


Courtesy of Tumblr user notsoplainbutinsanejane, here’s the trailer in all it’s low-res, shaky camera glory. (Spoiler note: Not recommended for those who’d like to get the full blast of the proper, high-res trailer next week.)

We’ve got quite a few of screenshots from the trailer as well:

Anna making her way to Oaken’s shop (“Cold, cold, cold…”)


Oaken. Apparently Kristoff works for him:


Anna and Hans having a moment:


Elsa going all Snow Queen on us (notice the suspicious change in color in the background):


The terrified/angry/confused look on Elsa’s face!


Even though this trailer is really bad quality, we have to say, it’s amazing! There’s the perfect balance of humor, story and characters.

We’d love to talk about this trailer in greater detail, but let’s save that for when the proper trailer releases on Thursday, September 26. Stay tuned to the Rotoscopers for the full coverage!

Your thoughts on the leaked Frozen trailer?

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