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‘Frozen’ Trailer Arriving Next Thursday 9/26!

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The hype machine for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd animated feature, Frozen, is kicking into high gear as the November 27th release date nears.  This weekend has been chock-full of juicy Frozen news, with new plot leaks, teaser posters, and even the film’s intro song.  But wait–there’s more! We’re rounding out this news-filled weekend with an announcement of what we’ve all been waiting for.

For all of you dying to get a glimpse of this hotly anticipated film, get ready to feast your eyes: the trailer for Frozen will be available for your viewing pleasure online next Thursday, September 26th!   The trailer will also play before Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 in theaters on September 27th.

This exciting news comes directly from Frozen director Jennifer Lee’s Twitter account:

Remember when just a few months ago we had almost no information at all?  This is so exciting! Jennifer Lee’s little tag there saying “It’s just the beginning” has me so eager to see what the trailer has in store for us.  Personally, I’m hoping for a trailer that shows off the film’s Norwegian culture influences, as well as a song or two from the talented Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.  However, from what the campaign has been like so far, we may just get a trailer full of slapstick and Olaf.  Regardless, an official theatrical trailer is still something to be insanely hyped about.

From now until next Thursday (a period that will feel like eternity), you can view the teaser trailer and international trailer to get pumped up.

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